We were friends for more than 3 years.. later she got close to my friend and they both got into a relation... they both hid it from me! even she didnt tel me about this.. later when they brokeup, i came o know that they both were in a relation.. she told me that he dumped her.. listening to him, i fought with him and comforted her, coz she was my friend fo more than 3 years!! later she proposed me one day! i was in a dilema to decide..!! i was forced to get into a relation with her..!! things were much more better fo 1 and half year...!! but after that things started tough for us ..!! be it UNDERSTANDING,CARING, wteva.. now i regrett that i took a wrong step in getting into a relation with her and spoiling our friendship..she strtd boozing,smiking... now she's ditchng me everyday.. before when we were friends she used to do to whatever i say..!! but now she started hiding everythng from me and doing what i dont like... i broke with her last night and not knowing what to do.. moreover we both are from same college.. im totallly depressed... i dont want to see her face, but not knowing what to do.. more over i have my own problems personally/professionallly..... please help me out friends.. pleading you..!!
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May 5, 2012