Why Do I Care?

My marriage has really been in shambles from "I do". Next week we celebrate 24 years of torture. It seems that we have tried just about everything to make this work, but with no luck. Recently I have told her that if she is that unhappy with me, she can leave. Last night she informed me that our state law says that I can't throw her out of the house, and that if I file for divorce the state will make me leave my house. When I asked her how she knows that, she said she has friends going through a divorce. I'm not sure that would come up specifically without her checking into it. I feel like it reinforces my suspicion that she has a boyfriend and she might be getting her answers from him. I have for the most part braced myself for this and checked out. So why does it bother me so much. I am depressed and stressed out. Why?
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2 Responses May 5, 2012

You should look for a lawyer soon.

Hugs Trav. I am going through problems myself. It is difficult even without children. We build our lives with our partners and it leaves us feeling bad about ourselves that our partner does not want us. There is no rush..you will move on or decide what to do when you are ready. Do not rush it, let your emotions work through the turmoil now. Hopefully it will help clear your head and give you new resolve on what you feel you need to do.