What The Hell!!!!

Starting off my Mothers day weekend with a great big **** you!! My wonderful husband decided to go out n party with his cousin while I stay home pregnant entertaining our 3 kids which I don't mind staying home its the fact that I don't even matter to him that ****** me off. While he's out getting drunk n high, n hitting on all kinds of ****** I'm here lonely crying myself to sleep. Well Happy Mother's Day to me n thank you honey for thinking about me. You're the greatest!! (Sarcasm) Guess this is just another reason for me to leave.. Maybe I should go out this weekend without him n have some fun n say **** it!
shadowoftheday shadowoftheday
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1 Response May 11, 2012

I have been in ur shoes many times. I remember many nights of staying alone crying and pregnant....My husband would go out get drunk and high....his drug of choice is coke.Many nights he wouldnt even come home and i would stay up all night blowing up his phone