I Don't Know,if I Should Try To Save My Marriage.

I was married to My wife on April 4,2009.It was one of the happiest days of My life.It was alittle rocky at first as any marriage is.We worked hard to keep family out of what went on in Our marriage.
That was until,Her family started calling Her a dozen or more times per day.I didn't realise it was then that Her daughter,My step daughter,was pushing My wife to come stay with Her.Something tragic happened to Her husband(Killed on a 4 wheeler).My Wifes daughter wouldn't have a thing to with Her.It seemed as though it was revenge,as Her daughter & I didn't get along.I think Her daughter is trash,& vice versa.Putting Us in the same room is like mixing gasoline & matches.
Months before We officially split,We spent about all of the summer of 2011 taking care of Her father.I didn't notice how Her father & family,My in-laws were working to tear apart Our marriage. On the morning of September 10,2011 My wife had told Me,Her daughter was coming to pick Her up. I received multiple phone calls from Her family a few hours later all were threatening. I finally received a phone call from My SIL throwing up all kinds of off the wall lies.

I was so naive to how My wifes' mind really worked.My wife made up a bunch of lies,& rumors up about Me to the neighbors,& vice versa in the apartment complex where I still reside.She didn't want Me or the neighbors to compare notes & figure out,She had alot of things in Her past,She wanted to keep hidden from Me.
I knew My wife had stayed,& volunteered in a battered womens shelter.I didn't know that She reported some of Her past boyfriends to this same shelter for abuse.
I finally talked to a few friends about all that had went on.....I needed answers to some questions I had. I Finally found out My wife has Bi-polar disorder. There was about a month when I didn't hear from My Wife,She was in the hospital getting put on medicine for Her disorder(s)

Anyway,My Wife has been living with Her daughter for a few months.We have talked some about getting back together in the past.I call My wife once a week,the conversations last at the most 10 minutes. I called Her yesterday,I asked Her how Her"Mothers Day" was.She was very secretive,there was alot of hesitation in Her voice.She told Me,She needed more time.I believe She has someone else.
I have kept to My promise of always being there for My wife.I don't believe in divorce,& have consulted with My pastor.My entire church,& I have prayed for Us to get back together.I believe in standing by My wife,saving Our marriage.I love My wife more than anything in this world.
It seems like the longer We are apart,the harder it will be for Us to get back together.After all I have went through.......Lately,I have questioned Myself..........Is it really worth getting back together?..........Do I want to put up with the in-laws?......Can this marriage be saved?............Am I waiting in vain?

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1 Response May 17, 2012

Truthfully, if she isn't willing to talk the problems out and has gone so far as moved, I can't imagine she will be back. As a woman, if I went to all that trouble to leave it would be because I had made that final decision.