I Am Shocked.

After thinking a lot, I thought to speak to my Husband for just one more time Yesterday.
I told him that the harsh words that he uses towards me hurts me a lot, and his anger makes me go depressed. He listened to me for the very FIRST time and said that he will control his anger.
After that i spoke further, I told him that his behavior has created a sought of hatred towards him, When I told him this, he asked me if I am interested in going to India for a month or two for mind change.
I told him that it would not help as I really feel hurt and depressed and told him going to a marriage counselor may help us out..
The moment I told him that, I was shocked by his reaction.
He got very angry and was uncontrollable, in such a way that I called his parents. (I had no other go, as he wanted to speak to them about this)

I told them everything he did to me with the most recent incidents that happened.
They advised him a lot. After that they told me that they can be a good counselor, and I must share things with them, only then they will be able to help me.They also started to advise me that a family issue should not go out.
I was really feeling confused, because I did not think it that way.

According to me, my parents will support me and his parents will support him, but when we go to another trust-able person, they can help us out by thinking from both point of view.

After speaking to them, he was very upset. he could not sleep properly. He asked me not to take stress at least for one year ( he said this can affect the pregnancy and my health.)
Till now I am unable to understand the way he reacted when I told him to come to a counselor. the way he reacted made me shiver and I was literally crying saying that I am sorry, I just wanted to share my mind with him..
From this Morning, he is still upset and i could feel a kind of difference in his way of action towards me.(he did not speak much)
He told me that, he is expecting a lot from me ( his wife) and this causes troubles and anger between us. Because of this, he said he had decided to change his expectations ( by stopping expecting things from me).
The real fact is, I feel disturbed and troubled even to breathe.
The more I think to work this out, the worse the situation grows.
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Oh I feel sorry for you but for him I feel bad. The thought of speaking to a counselor drove him over the edge maybe its not permited in his family. But you are his family he needs to grow up and I know you love him but please dont love him more then you love you. You need to tell him that he needs help and if he is not willing to get it you may have to move on but you are willing to help him with his angry selfish ways

Hi first off im very sorry for what u are going thru.... Sounds like he is whittling away at your self esteem and before u know it after its gone u won't be so quick to question him ... I hope and prey you get yourself out of this situation ... No matter WHO tells u... IT IS NOT OK FOR ANYONE TO HIT U!!!!!!!! Ur husband is not being the partner you need. I am so sorry for this situation u are in! If he is hitting u he needs counseling plain and simple! Also anger mangement classes too ... If he is not willing to do that for you???? Why the hell should you have to put up with him<br />
I know i can say this and that but the reality of it is ... its ur decision ... do u want to stay and hope and pray things get better not worse or take a chance get out and be on your own .. I know its scary but U need to do this in order to get ur dignity back... he took away and if u stay u'll never get it back! Good luck! if u ever need someone to talk to Im here for ya!

i found a counseling center near my house..
wen i spoke about going to a counseling he reacted in a unbelievable manner..
u can read it in my new update..
but i have decided to go n take their help...