Only Married A Little Over A Year And Miserable.

I don't know what i thought marriage would be like but this sure isn't how I imagined it... ..this is my first marriage and my husbands second. To me, it seems things changed very quickly after we got married. We only dated for 6 months which is probably part of the problem. If I had waited longer I wouldn't have done it. He has 3 children from his previous marriage and I have one from another relationship. His children are range from 11-13, (one set of twins). There is a huge issue with respect from his children and quite frankly how can they respect me if he doesn't. I say he doesn't because the things he doesn't do more than the things he does.... I have lost respect for him over the last year because of some things I have noticed..I think he is selfish and lazy....and I don't want to feel these things about the man I'm married to..and as far as being intimate goes...I'm just pretty much disgusted when he touches me.. and that's horrible. My biggest fear was a passionless marriage...and that's what I have. 

.I now question his morals, integrity and values...I just don't know if I even have the "want" to stay. Part of the reason I want to is because my daughter loves him....but she's only 3...I was thinking maybe she would just forget him eventually. 
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3 Responses May 24, 2012

When I saw this I had to read it all. I have the same problem. Once we were married he became very selfish. I can't imagine how hard it is for you with children involved to make a decision this soon in the marriage. I'm also trying to make a similar decision. Your daughter will need to grow up with a strong role model and at her age she won't understand why he isn't there any more. Life is too short to stay unhappy.

Yes, she will forget him, but move quickly as more she stay with him will be hard to forget. Good luck

the relations which are passionless are very poor to survive but still afterall its in your to hand that what to choose emotion or respect because both gives quality to life but upto some limit then it becomes punishment for life.with care fm god