Jobless And At The End Of My Rope With This So Called Marriage

I dated my husband for 20 somethind yrs, and decided to marry him Jan 21,2012, big mistake. I have been married once before for 11yrs, i had a daughter from the marriage, who is now married and have 3 kids of her own. I hadn't been married a week and everything started going wrong, he have a drinking and drug habit, that i thought he had gotten better with. But it only got worse,he don"t help me with the bills most of the time, and he is very, very, very, mentally abusive and have started talking about putting his hands on me, deep down insde i'm afraid of him. We don't share anything together not even our bed, (he sleeps on the couch), bottom line is no fixing this and i want out.
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2 Responses May 24, 2012

You should put him in a rehap for drinking but before you do that find a new place of your own. This way he cant say you put him in the streets. If you stay and he cont. to drink and verbaly abuse you at a point and time he will hurt you. I dont know why we put our husbands first Is it because we love them more then we love our selfs. You have given him all you can Love yourself.

Get out! You deserve to be treated with respect. Verbal abuse is something that will continue to degrade your self confidence. My friend was in a similar situation and finally had the courage to save enough money to get a place of her own. She is now happily married with two beautiful boys. Is there a safe place you can go to?