I Tried So Many Things To Bring New Life In Our Relation

Hello, I don't know where to begin. I'm married more than 20 years ago. We grew apart. In fact we were never able to have a good talk. I miss that so. We just lived our own life. We never say that we love each other. I miss the passion and I really need to feel to be loved. When I tell her she says "I can't jump into your arms everyday" I say I need it so. I've been to psychotherapists. I also suggested relation therapy together but she refused. During the years I tried so many things to bring life in our relation. But with no effect. To be continued.
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With all due respect, when you try the various things you do, how long does it last? Perhaps it only lasts a while and then things go back to the way they were. My husband says he wants to try and work on our relationship, but his tries only last a day or two and I've stopped getting excited about the tries because I end up getting hurt all over again. It is going to take a very long time of continuous trying from his end to spark a response from me - could your wife be feeling the same? Maybe she just is not the afectionate type and shows afection in other ways that you are not acknowledging? You need to ask her why she is not doing what you want. Hope this helps. Jax

hi Jax
thank you very much for your reply
how long it lasts ? I've been trying for many years
when i tried something and getting an annoying remark afterwards, i give up for the day ... feel so lonely then ... retrying another time
it seems we just live our own life while being together
kind regards