Being Accused

My husband has been in a depressed mood for a few days (he has severe depression and is always somewhat depressed). Yesterday he easing bed while I was making dinner and I gave our dog a treat when I finished dinner. He heard me call the fog and now is mad at me because he thinks I lied to him about giving the dog table scraps. Yesterday he told me to leave him the f... alone. Today he still wont talk to me. I lied to him about 9 months ago but I have been going to counseling ever since and have not lied to him in months but I am always being accussed of lying? He says he doesn't know if he loves me or wants me around, I love him very much but I am fretting depressed over his actions and the way he treats me. What can I do? Is this normal for people severly depressed?
BuddysMommy BuddysMommy
41-45, F
Jul 24, 2012