**** Is Ok In A Marriage?

I woke up last night to my son crying for chocolate milk. As always I laid there for a little while seeing if Jake was going to get it. But we always argue about who got it last, who gets it more, etc etc. Can we be anymore pathetic.

I had to use the bathroom and his ipad was downstairs so I grabbed his Ipad and went to the bathroom. I looked in his history, curious. I found ****. Raunchy - MILF ****.

I felt about the size of an ant. Why is my husband looking at ****? Already self conscience about our sex life. Already self conscience because I know he doesn't want to be with me - then I find several pages of ****.

The next morning I ask him about it - he has his Iphone in his hand and he was texting his friend Will about a golf game he was playing the next day. I had to ask him - well tell him several times to get off the phone and look at me. He looked at me for a split second. He told me that he didnt remember the ****. Every question I asked him about it he said I dont know. He was diminishing how I felt - and making me feel like I wanted to crawl inside a hole and suffocate.

My son was upstairs in the bath so I went downstairs to talk about it. I told Jake that it was a sin and he said 'oh are you a great Christian, you dont sin.' I told him that I didn't understand why he was watching **** when he has a wife he can have sex with and he goes 'oh yeah when is the last time we've had sex' and I said three weeks ago because I had a DNC three weeks ago and the surgeon said no intercourse till my follow on Monday. This argument and me being upset about **** - he said F U to me about 6x and I told him to stop and he kept saying it. He then tried to bring up me flirting with other guys which is so ridiculous. We have this mutual friend Tommy Shaw - who when Jake and I were semi serious - one time Tommy & I sent text messages flirting. Tommy has been in a relationship for over three years and I was with Jake. Jake and I werent even living together and barely talking serious. Jake said that **** was better flirting. He then brought up a fling of mine from 2005 - so seven years ago - who is a good friend of mine - who text me this past spring and that I havent heard from since May of 2012 - its not September. I get s frustrated when he does this. When he does something wrong he always brings up what someone else has done wrong and or says that I never think I do anything wrong with isnt true. I have no problem saying that flirting with Tommy is wrong. But that has nothing to do with what the issue is here and now. It makes me feel suffocated and not able to breathe. I really dont know what to do. If I wasnt a mother - I know I would do something drastic. I just dont know how to fix my marriage.
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Anything in a marriage is ok...as long as both people want it. He is acting like a spoiled child both in his actions and in the way he deals with accusations. As far as you not finding any history before, I would suggest that he has, for the most part,been very good at erasing the history. I am afraid that you both are going to have counselling or it will only get worse and worse and the marriage will end....bitterly. As far as you being a mother, As a child grows they see and understand things much better than we give them credit for and they will grow up thinking that the way your marriage is working is what a normal marriage should be like. Scary!!

Your husband needs some counseling to stop his addiction ,if he does not get help you may as well kiss you marriage good.**** can ruin a marriage esp when one party is sneaking around getting off to it.It just means no sex between you two eventually.Very sorry for what you are going through.Time to sit down and lay down the law.

Im not sure if he is addicted. How do I know if its an addiction? Ive looked in his Ipad before but theres never any history in it. I know when we started dating he watched some **** but I really felt that kids in college etc do watch **** and grown men grow out of it no?

Is it normal for a woman to be bothered by their husband watching ****?

It is normal for a woman to be bothered by that.It is wrong and it is kinda cheating.He is fantasizing about the people he is watching.He probably clears his history but forgot one time and you happened to see it.every one slips up eventually and he did and you caught him.It doesn't sound your guy has a lot going for him and maybe this is the straw that breaks the camels back.You really need to do some deep analysis on your marriage and decide what is best for too much time passes and it gets worse anyway.No one just stops looking at ****.That kind of addiction isnt the kind people just stop.