I Hate Him

i'm married for 1 year and 8 months, but never being touched by my husband (no sex, no love). he hate to talk with me, he don't want to see me, that even worst. he always leave me at my parents house and he went back to his house. he never invite me to his house.

i love him, but lately i'm getting fed up of everything. starting to hit him.
sayangijan sayangijan
26-30, F
2 Responses Sep 19, 2012

it is not an arraged marriege. i'd choose him among several guy close to me. hmmm maybe it is a wrong choice i made. he seem very nice and good.

i thought he busy with his work, but it is not. he made himself busy, i think just to get rid of me.

i want to talk to him about our relationship. but he always missing. and when i met him, he always shouted at me to keep me shut up(i think he afraid if raise the issue...).

sometime i though he don't have lust in women, because his friend (a guy) stay with him at his house, and he always hang out with guys only.... BAD thinking?? ohhh i'm afraid to face the reality, but i want to be happy n loved......

my life after married is not like i'm expected... i'm happeir when i'm alone :(
thought after married it would be different, i feel very dissapointed with this marriage

you poor woman maybe he has another woman was it an arranged marriage? you deserve to be loved get out of that sorry excuse of a marriage maybe you should ask him why he married you in the first place i wish you every happiness in the future