Can't Get My Husband :s

last night , i was taking a shower , my husband was in bed chating using the whatsapp application, i came and sit next to him, he was talking with his best friend , and the he received a new message from a girl (our neighbour's wife).
my husband continued chating with his friend. i felt that something wrong was going on and that he didn't want to open the conversation (with the girl) in front of me, that there's something i wldn't accept going on and he didn't want me to see....
i didn't want to beleive that he's lying to me, that he's hiding anything , so i told him to open the chat list , he refused we started fighting i want to see , and he won't let me, he said stop your curiosity there's nothing going on, i didn't beleive him , i told him if u want us to stay together i need to see, and if u delete the conversation i can never trust you, he wouldn't let me see, and he was so upset because i didn't trust him, and he asked me if i do trust him, i said that i don't.
then he showed the conversation:
there were nothing going on, , a random conversation, she were asking him abt me and if i'm going to work tomorrow!
i was so surprised i didn't get it!
why he acted like this ! if there's nothing going on why he insisted on not showing me!!!
i felt so stupid...
i can't get him :S
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Why doesn't she ask you and she asks him? Means there's an open channel of communication between him and her. Might it be she did not want you to know she was asking about you? Might it be a code language to check if all is clear to chat? You may need to let your husband know making you feel stupid does not make you feel loved or secure. And further, however strong he is, conversing with other women does my make you feel secure. Just like he wouldn't be comfortable to know your neighbor's husband is asking you about him whereas he can call him.

He's ******* her.
Don't live in denial.

Why would she ask HIM if you are going to work tomorrow. Why not ask you directly? Why does she need to know this info? Speaking from experience...go with your gut extinct! My first husband had me convinced I was going crazy imagining his infidelity. News flash I wasn't crazy he was just a good liar.

He should not be texting someone else's wife. Period. He knows this is wrong regardless what they were talking about. Tell him he needs to stop this behavior and ask him if he would like you to do what he does with another man, his best friend, or even your neighbor. I wish you luck.