I Would Like...

I would like someone to hug me and tell me they are so glad I am a part of their life...I want to be something other than an option..I would like to share my thoughts, fears, dreams and passion with someone that really cared what they were...I'd like to feel the rain on my face as I stand outside-rather than trace the tears that fall from my eyes. I want to be held because you need me, I want my heart to be content instead of broken...the words I Love You are so rarely spoken. I want to be needed and someones everything, instead I'm lonely but not alone and made to feel less than nothing. I want to try and be met halfway..but these things don't happen to me..not tomorrow or yesterday and again not today.
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I feel the same way. We just celebrate our 15 year anniversary and we went out last night. But it has ok. This is my 3 marriage. This year I caught him calling a woman on the phone. And this has been my worth year.

you are not alone

I am in the same situation. What I wouldn't give to have someone who knows how to be loving with me. Really blame myself, I've always been a sucker who trys to help everyone, a knight in shining armer complex, explains how I could of been taken in and stay. That and I'm catholic don't help either. We found out she couldn't have children, we tried adopting via foster system, turned out badly. Paid to. Adopt and have had traumatic experiences. I am so worried she is doijg this to check off the boxes of her life and will be cold to our child. Afraid to leave her because she lost her mom and doesn't have a. Parent to lean on. Estranged from her brother and I can see why. She is such a negative person it comes against my positivity. I've spent 10 years lifting her spirits up. Is it wrong to want someone who can hug me, kiss me passionately and is glad to see me and just laugh about something we have in common. We've built a solid financial base together and put on a really great face to our loved ones on both sides. Wouldn't want to hurt them. She doesn't want to do anything about, just melt into the TV day in and out. I walk around on egg shells and feel my sense of humor dying each day. This is the first I've spoke of it and it feels good to put it out there. I want to smile again:)

Hello Sweetpetite, thanks for reaching out, yeah things could be better. Its funny, I read your post and it hit home with me immediately. At least it helps to know I'm not special in the gloom Dept, everyone's got something. I guess I've put myself into my work lately to forget how sad I've been. Crazy that there's a sit like this, it does help. I just wish my sadness was related to something trivial like fear of heights or parrots, this would be easier. I guess because I'm a Virgo who has enjoyed his 46 yrs on earth that I want more and know it isn't the end of the world, just feels that way at times. Thanks for listening to my diatribe. If you need another ear or a laugh drop me line.

i m varun singh i m only 31 can u want to make friendship with me

I know this feeling all to well ! !

I feel your pain. I long for the same reassurance and unconditional love and I have found it's not elsewhere - nobody can fill that expectation except yourself. You can give yourself all the love and nurturing you'd like and it feels even better from an authentic internal place. God Bless.

I am so sorry you are in pain....I'd love to ease your pain!!!

i can understand the pain you feel i would love to talk but more important to listen to you and be your friend...may we plz... i am carpenterjim65 on yahoo if you want to connect thanks, jim

Amen! I am so tired of feeling hollow and alone in this life.

I feel completely the same with my wife, feeling loneliness even though you are not alone is the worst feeling. Christmas time is gonna be tough this year fake smiles fake happiness, i don't have any kids so i don't have their happiness to distract me. I hope you make it through those tough days, good luck.

Have you told these things to your husband?? Maybe write this down on a piece of paper and place it in his Christmas card and see what kind of a reaction you get!!

Honey sometimes you have to cheer yourself up and make yourself that person this is I love you I want to feel rain on my face I want to love myself I I want to touch myself sometimes you cannot get that affection from someone else

My heart goes out to you...I'd love to talk.

why do u say that.u just haven't found that person yet,but i do know what u mean.about having someone right next to u and you are still alone.my ex liked to use the things i told her about myself an my insecuritys aginst me any time we fought.to be with someone an not to be able to talk or say things sucks,all i can say is i will listen to anything u want to say with out judgement.who am i to say anything untill i have been in your shoes.

I know how you feel. This is sad too. From what I've read that you've wrote, you sound like every man's, or at least some men's dream. Or let me narrow it down even further, you are what I dream of regularly; let me explain. You love high heels, you wrote in your "I Love My Heels!" story, that "Unless I'm hiking, I'm in my heels." That is awesome to someone like me because I love to see a woman in heels, especially if she likes them and even more with stockings! And OH MY GOD, you're confession story, "I Love It," well that should just explain itself, and like the title states, I Love It!! And, furthermore, even in your profile, you wrote that you "...like to take care of people..." That alone is worth more than anything else. That should make someone want to treat you like their queen! And to top it off, you are smoking HOT!

JustFindingMe stated it very well when he said, "There are so many men here who would just love to give you the emotional and physical intimacy you are crying out for." This is so true, especially someone that knows how you feel and shares your passions.

Consider youself hugged! I feel the same way you do in my relationship of 35 years. If you care to read my stories, you will see I am married to my childhood sweetheart. It seems I do all the giving, hoping someday to be appreciated and wanted. Instead, I have endured the pain of her affair with her best friends husband. That made me feel even less desirable to her. So many times I have wondered what life could be like, if people like you and I were to find each other. Two people that have craved being the center of someones world, and have given their all, only to feel unappreciated by the one they shower with affection and attention. Maybe there can be some comfort for you in knowing there is a friend out there who shares your pain. Hang in there!

'... made to feel less than nothing ... ' is horrible. I don't know your situation, but can empathize with your feeling. You think your unhappiness is temporary, a rough spot, or is is it chronic? Sometimes we feel 'this will never end,' but it's something that will blow over (like money troubles, or a teenage child). Sometimes it's just not going to change.
Like to her from you.
And, yes, I'm a man, your picture attracted me.

Hard for me to guess. I do know that you're sexy (love the avi picture), which counts in relationships. But taken for granted ... man, that's painful.
If you want to chat, let me know.

it is YOUR life. what you make of it is....up to YOU.
and that's all that i have to say about that.

you are most welcome. we are all in this together.
there are very, very few rude answers to people who hand out their heart, looking for help on EP. if you really need help, we, for the most part are glad to lend and ear.
all things happen in their own time. that's where Karma comes into play.
good luck to you,

From what I can see from your picture and the other groups you are in, you sound and look like most mens dream girl.
There are so many men here who would just love to give you the emotional and physical intimacy you are crying out for.
It will only change if you decide to change it, wishing on a star (or an an anonymous web site) ain't going to make it happen. You look so beautiful and obviously need more than you're getting, go after it, it's there. Take control of your own life and you will find it.
Cyber hugs sweetie, hope you manage to find what you need.

This is so sweet...seems so real and is coming from your heart.