my husband takes me for granted,i married him because i loved him but just 1 year into my marriage everything has changed,he ignores my needs and takes care of others,tells his family about things happening between us,when i complain he said i cant change him,either i beat them or join them.i think he does not love me much.i was recently diagonised with placenta previa and my doctor said i needed rest,he refused to get me someone to takecare of my little baby blaming me for causing it he said i allowed myself take in 5months after having our first child.i dont have any respecty for him anymore cos he treats me like trash.i wishs i did not go into these.marriage to the wrong person is awfull.
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In the beginning of your relationship you believed and was convinced that he was the person for you. The one you planned to spend your entire life with. So don't change your mind now because things have changed. In relationships working towards something is what drives the relationship. The desire to be with the other person is what keeps you around and working in the relationship. It works both ways, after marriage if don't continue to fight for the relationship the interest and love will die. I don't believe in separation if you were convinced enough to marry this person, you should be willing enough to fight for them. Remind them why they married you, let them see what made them desire you in the beginning. Every relationship has the potential to last, people just fail to realize if you change certain things that once made the relationship strong and grow it will slowly start to fade.

Happiness in marriage is essential, and yes… there will be the occasional disagreement, however harmony is more desirable than eternal conflict.

Make two lists, reasons to stay, reasons to terminate, and then act on your conclusions. Your new life begins tomorrow

Good luck

I am unmarried, and observe that most of my married friends endure problems, ranging from marital neglect, to infidelity and including every difficulty in between.

Over time personalities change, we would not be human if we did not and a disregard of their spouses’ emotions, needs seem to be a frequent complaint. And unfortunately it is usually a male shortcoming.

Dwelling on these imperfections will only serve to magnify the predicament. Perhaps a spell apart may heal the breach, it will certainly concentrate his attentions.

You only have one life, if your present situation is intolerable, be ruthless and change it.

i have been thinking about seperation cos i relocated to join him in a different country,but am so scared of loosing him when i live