Having A Double Life With A Married Man........

I am a 24 year old female having an affair with a 42 year old married man. We met a little over a year ago, and our feelings for one another just keep growing stronger. He has been married to his high school sweet heart over 20 years, and has two kids in my age range. When I first met him he was a customer at my job, every visit he made we would have conversations on many topics. He was good looking, nice, sweet, respectful, and has this open minded honest personality which I fell for. We both agreed that we were unhappy with our relationships at home, and got to know eachother within time. When we started meeting outside of work thats when things got serious, we both couldnt deny the undescribeable sexual attraction we had for one another. I knew he was unhappy and wasnt being tooken care of the way a married woman should take care of her man. He would open up and vent about his life at home with no hesitation, the chemistry I had with this man was only getting stonger and I was affraid to grow feelings for a man I couldnt call my own, or see n talk to whenever I wanted. All this was new too me and I wasnt certain how to go about things, I just knew that if I wanted to continue this crazy relationship with him I had to accept his marriage, as well as to not having him when I pleased. It has been a crazy roller coaster of feelings, but I accept it. I Love Him, And I know he Loves Me, It has been proven. Call me a crazy unsecure *****, or a Homewrecker I dont care I love him unconditionally. I know I can not have a life with him and Im fine with that, as long as he does his part when he is with me thats all I care about. He makes me happy, if I got a call from his wife today, I would act as if I have no idea what she is talking about....... dont judge me
chicana89 chicana89
22-25, F
Dec 8, 2012