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Hi Everybody!

When I met my husband many years ago he was definitely my prince charming. He was gorgeous, and he seemed to worship the very ground I walked on. He was my everything and I was his. Then we had kids. I LOVE being a mom, and we have six beautiful children. They are a blessing to me (most of the time), and a burden to him (all of the time). He is not the kind of Dad my friend's husbands are; in fact he seems to get jealous when I give more attention to the kids than to him. Our marriage is falling apart because I find myself basing my "love" for him, on the "love" he shows our children. I feel like a single parent, and it ****** me off, and it's affecting my parenting. I have these "mini nervous breakdowns" in front of my kids because I feel like I've provided a crap life for them and am so mad that the "perfect" man I married seems to want me all to himself. I can't get him to go to counseling because he's a bit of a narcissist. I feel like I'm gonna lose it completely, and our two older children are starting to have problems at school now. I know some of you may think I had no business having six children, please do not condemn me for this, please. My kids are my one true joy in my life, please do not judge me here. I am just looking for some advice, and maybe someone else who has a similar story.
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Hey sweety children are treasures. You are a good mom. Your husband is very possessive now make up your mind you have another one big child and that's your hubby:-) my husband is abusive. So think in the positive. He needs your love. Give it at least a half you give to kids.