Should I Be Angry?

A year ago I had a double laminectomy, and a 3 level discectomy. Last week I had a nerve study because my feet were numb and not working correctly. I also had severe weakness in my legs. The study found out that I have chronic S1 nerve damage. I had complained of a the feeling of a string tied around my big toe immediately after surgery, the neurosurgeon ignored me and told me it was swelling. Over the next 11 months, the numbness had spread over both feet and toes, up my calve, and into my hips. Due to the doctor being negligent, and ignoring my complaints, it had worsened. 2 days ago, I found out that I have 2 more protruding discs. Both of these conditions are requiring surgery. Most days, I do well to walk. In the mornings I have to take my pills, then maybe an hour later, I can move enough to get to the living room to sit in my chair. On good days, I can drive short distances, mainly to dr appts, and pick my kids up from school since I do not have to get out.

The issue is, that I am only 30, and have 4 kids ranging from 8-12, that need to be driven to school at 7am, then basketball practice from 3-6 for my 3 youngest kids.

My husband decides to go to a wedding during the week which is 2 hours away and he will be gone for 2 days. He left a couple of hours ago and I am livid. I feel like he should have been way more considerate of me and my condition, and the kids needing to get to school. His response is that he was too honored to be asked to best man that he couldn't turn him down. I feel like he doesn't really care, that he still has a bachelor state of mind. Am I overreacting?
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Yes you should be angry. He is not respecting you. You need help, and somebody has got to do it. The kids need help and somebody has got to do it. You cannot do it so it is his responsibility. He is not thinking of you or his kids, only what these "friends" think. This is more important for his fragile ego than doing the right thing by you. Sad. But, he's not the only one out there like this. Wait until he needs you for something. Ignore him and continue on with your work. Your kids appreciate you. He sounds like a jerk.

That was my thoughts too, but then I thought, maybe, hes just had enough. @ years ago he was single bachelor. He adopted my 4 kids. I'm thinking he bit off more than he could chew, and doesn't know what to do anymore.