What Happened??

My wife and i have been together for 10 yrs and married for 4 of them. We used to be best friends. The past 2 yrs have been rough really rough. I lost a great job at the local power plant. Since then my marriage has heen slowly but steadily falling apart. It started with the job loss. Then we lost our house. The past 2 yrs she has left me a total of 7 yes 7 times and taken our 3 children away from me. She has always come back a few days or weeks later. Now for some reason unknown to me i am accused of being a "cheating bastard"?!?! I have never touched another woman inappropriatly in any way ever since we got together in high school. I am blamed for eveything that has or is a problem with our relationship. There is no kind of attention shared from her at all towards me weither its emotional or physical. She avoids me in our home. If im downstairs she is upstairs or vice versa. The cheating allegations started about a 3 months or so ago. I am at the ends of my limits. I am looking for any kind of helpful advice on this situation. I love her more than the day i married her but there seems to be nothing left from her at all.
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If you didn't cheat, you should probably ask her what and who she's referring to, and try to prove you didn't cheat. If you did actually cheat, then her reaction is normal and correct :)

helpful and constructive advice is hard to find and give, every situation is different for everyone, im trying to come to terms with my unhappy marriage and choose the best course of action.Just keep strong and share your thoughts and feelings here if that helps..Good luck