What Do I Do After An Affir

I got married at 21 Now 31 I have 2 boys 6 a d 4 and so full of energy. my husban and I were so happy but when we had kids things started to go down hill not that I blame them in any way because I love them. I felt like I went from a wife to a house keeper, child care, and maid. I would tell him this and he would just think I was blowing steam off. One day at work I started to take to someone who payed attention to me and had the same problems. One thing after another happened and yes I fell for him had an affir I was in love. I had never been with anyone else but mu husband and its been 3 years now and i can't stop thinking about the other guy. Even thow i have been keeping in contact with then other man and have been cought number of times I can't stop. I don't know what to do I'm so unhappy and my husband acks like nothing is wrong and it bothers me, do I make myself happy or do I keep the marriage together for the kids.
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I understand how you feel I been in a 9 year ralationship and I've been cheating with my best friend of 15 years I love my best friend more then my soon to be husband.I can't take it anymore..... I'm 29 been with the same guy since 21 . When my ralationship ended before I cheated. I just got tired of being so understanding always so nice know its like were roomates.He just farts and is just a pig of a man. No experience with women but then again I'm just a girl in that sence too. Don't know want to do?