My Story- Part II

There this girl her name is Paula who does too much for this guy his name is Victor, he just doesn't appreciate her enough.

He does not work to begin with and he hasn't been working for 2 years and couple months. Paula has not seen any type of effort in this part that he is searching and looking and wants to move up with his Family. I guess his satisfied the way he is, content with the type of life he has or simply doesn't care!

He damn knows he has a big responsibilities for his kids and her! and that is to provide for them and be the Man God wants him to be. I don't know what it is? I believe is something deeper than this....

The bond is gone, the spark is too. The excitement has disappeared I don't know what she's going to do.

He has never been the talkative one but every once in a while he would come around, but lately he doesn't.

Things just seem to keep Falling Apart by the minute. His very secretive about things makes her doubt him even more, gives her red flags. Unfortunately I don't think there gonna make it because it takes 2 people not just one.

Two committed people to make it work, people may say there still hope but I don't think so.

Paula is just so tired of keep doing this ****! living this ****** Life with him.

She's too exhausted to keep putting her energy to someone who will never change.

someone who will continue to be the way he is because that is who he really is. She does wanna have to stay with some one like that. She rather choice to be Alone, with her Kids.

Paula's been through a lot with this guy from the very beginning until now,

she was young having Fun until one day the too much fun turned into she pregnant from this guy Victor. She remember clearly telling the guy she was pregnant and giving him the option to stay or to go.

He did not have to stick around, buy whatever it was he choose to stay. Making the assumption he was gonna take responsibility and be a good Man to her and the baby, And so he did to a certain point.

Paula giving him Alot but what is HE giving her Back? she tells him

"do what ever you want cause I just don't care anymore" Its True she doesn't

So her birthday is around the corner the so called "husband" doesn't even Remember it, if it wasn't because she mention it just goes out to show her how much he really cares. She knows though he shows her everyday.

He doesn't even play it off. He makes her feel like ****, in front of her fk Face but she used to it by now. She's used to the feeling of Crap! She's thinking hopefully he doesn't mess up this one.

She doesn't want anything from him to start off because

the Simple things he cant even do. 1)is to make her Happy. What is the 2nd? and 3rd? Any guesses?

It doesn't take much to make her happy if you ask me but for some reason he doesn't seem to get it.
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1 Response Jan 13, 2013

It doesn't sound like much of a relationship.
Definitely doesn't project any type of bright future for you or your children.
You say not even your 3 most basic needs are being met.
I beleive I would be making plans to move on and get with living my life.