Caged Bird

I have been married twice the first was just the worst mistake I could of ever made - gay, abusive, unmotivated, lazy, controlling ect but I moved on :) moved out, quit my good job bc he would not leave me be. Moved all the way from beautiful gorgeous wonderful polite Tennessee to the congested, rude, ignorant Connecticut where I met my current husband and had a gorgeous daughter who's everything I ever wanted. My marriage just isn't working out he won't talk with me about anything, there is no sex life, he won't help provide anything for our daughter much less me and he acts like I am a burden. He says I owe him money for everything he gets me and omg just so frustarating. He asked me for a child and asked me to marry him and I thought he loved me but in return I am treated like a maid, live in house keeper, cook and errdnd woman never an equal and rarely with love. I am in school right now for medical and I just want to pack up snd leave him and I just feel so lost, lonely and at my wits end and with all thus going on his moods flip flop like a fish out of water. I know I can't let this keep going on but it's just a horrible cycle and its beyond crazy there is no one I can talk with I have no family near and he acts horrible and everyone who's met him recently tells me he needs medication but he won't get any help what can a woman do when stuck between a rock and a hard place?
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Jan 13, 2013