I Really, Really Hate This

My wife has changed so much. She keeps saying she did not, that the things she is into, she always wanted to do them, she just didn't.

So I can't quite say she lied or deceived me, maybe I was just blind and naive.

This is by the way my first relationship (not hers, she's quite experienced). We got married about a year ago. We got along so well, we had a perfect chemistry. She was a little overly jealous, but nothing one couldn't handle. She had social anxiety, which is apparently she waited until now to post sexual pictures online to get male attention (yes, she says that's not what this is about, but a caption like "I kind of like books ;)" to a seductive picture where you can see her boobs?

Give me a ******* break.

I made her delete the pictures from at least one of the websites which I thought had the creepiest users/comments/private messages whatever. She is so mad about that, according to her, her life is now ******...

I do not love who my wife became. I love the girl I fell in love with, but I don't think I'm getting her back.

Oh and we have a son who is really the only person I care about in this whole world, I literally don't have anybody else, so divorce is not an option for at least next 17 years.
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Jan 17, 2013