I Want Crazy, Stupid, Love

I've alway been a romantic and I love all the details that come with been in a relationship, like flowers, candy, holding hands, opening doors and alway remembering anniversaries and special days. My husband on the other hand is not a romantic, he was really attentive when we were dating, he would always hold my hand, and he would buy a gift for special days and so on. We known each other for 9 years and we been married for 6 which is the age my son has and everything changed after the 1 year together. He does not acknowledges any special day like our anniversary or my birthday. This last year our son told him that it was my birthday and he didn't even wished me a happy birthday. He says he loves me but i need more attention. I've use to get him a little gift for fathers day, valentines day, for his birthday and christmas. I had a conversation with him the other day and told him that i need that kind of attention and he just plain told me that he is not the romantic type and not to expect him to change, so i stop been like that just to let him feel what it feels like. And he has acknowledge the change and he says that I've change that I'm not the same. All my life I dreamed of a perfect family of my prince charming and in real life i've got this marriage that is growing colder as time goes by. I want to know how can i help my marriage? or is it too late! Because I want what we had, i want to feel the butterflies in my stomach when I see him, i want that rush I used to have when I thought of him, "I want crazy, stupid, love" is it to much?
Confusedmami Confusedmami
22-25, F
Jan 17, 2013