President's Club Blues

I made president's club this year for all my effort in 2012, me and my spouse get to go to sunny Puerto Rico all expenses paid with the other lucky people from the office.

My wife can't go due to her work, so she basically told me that I can't either. I, somehow, made myself OK with this but then the owner of the company emailed me and said that he heard I might not go and urged me to reconsider, said some great things and what not.

I sent that email to my wife, basically saying maybe I should go. She wigged out and now isn't talking to me.

Am I crazy for thinking this should be OK? I can't ever see mysel telling her that she can't do something, that is the way I am though.

stockjos stockjos
31-35, M
1 Response Jan 19, 2013

I feel your pain. I just earned an award at work. My husband reviewed to attend the ceremony with me, and then wouldn't even look at the award,... Now, there's true love!

* refused to attend

It is a really sad situation. I am going regardless and I am not sure my wife and I will even be together at that point anyways, just going downhill further and faster....