Unsympathetic Wife

I and my wife get along well, we are very happily married and there is no problem except one big issue - "Empathy".
We are a Inter racial couple, I was born and raised in India and my wife is of Afro-Caribbean decent and an American by nationality.
I live and work in Dubai, and Dubai like other Middle Eastern countries is known for its racism towards Indians and other Asians. Just google "Dubai Racism" on youtube and google, you would find enough evidence.
But however Americans and Westerners are treated with much Positive Discrimination, and my wife also is favorably treated as result of this.

Whenever i complain about racism to my wife, my wife ignores me and is less sympathetic to me, she in fact defends my abusers stating that they are "not that bad" and i am exaggerating. This causes me more distress than the actual racism i face.

This is causing more distress in our marriage life and seems to be the only issue... I just wish she would lend a sympathetic ear to me just as i do to her...
StormCatcher StormCatcher
26-30, M
Jan 20, 2013