30 Years Down The Drain?

Been married 30 years I have, to the same gal.
But times are a-changing.
No more trust, its all spent.
I caught her cheating, walked in on her and another man.
It was about to be the 5th time with him.
Forgave and tried to forget.
One year later, caught her again, evidence on the computer.
Different man this time. 3 times with him.
We're still together, one child at home, two are grown.
I get up at 5 am and go to sleep at 9pm.
She gets up at noon and goes to sleep about 2am.
Feels more like a roommate thing than a marriage.
Seems like we might be done here.
30 years down the drain.
writestuff4u writestuff4u
51-55, M
2 Responses Jan 22, 2013

Ohhh man i am so sorry to hear that. I believe vows r forever, he didn't he up n just left... People like us still believe, but hope these days is hard. I do hope you find happiness in what ever you do. You are an upstanding man in my opinion for trying so hard. Not many of you left, remember that n take pride in who you are!!! Good luck

Awww I'm sorry you are going through that. I have 20 years..down the drain, but my circumstances are much different. Or as my sweet lil old grandpa used to say "same ****..different smell". I hope you find happiness, one way or the other.