Hurt Causes Pain.....Frustration Causes Anger.....Unhappiness Guaranteed..

I have been with the mother of our 2 girls for twelve yrs. Married for 3. I have been completely loyal and have never raised a hand. We have a house and jobs a dog you know the typical setting..... Sounds fulfilling right.... Wrong.. Unhappiness has shown itself to a point that I cannot continue on like this. I feel our downfall was as simple as not understanding each other fully. When you have certain expectations that are not met you lose focus... We have.... Because I didn't fully understand her I hurt her... Over time that hurt turns to pain and if its not addressed properly you will never heal. Because she didn't fully understand me she frustrated me. Over time that frustration turns to anger. If that is not addressed properly you will continue to feel anger.... You simply cannot mix the two and expect to be fine... This is a perfect example. I am very good man, father and I believe I can be a good husband as well but you MUST know the person you dedicate your heart and soul to. Now it seems that this marriage is placed on the back burned in order to keep our kids unaware until that time comes... I still wear my ring.. I don't know why but I do...... I just want to experience true happiness because during my life I have been through some bullshi*t relationships and I just feel its time for that to stop and to experience the other spectrum of life..... Good people shouldn't hurt so bad but we do...
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I agree..good people shouldn't hurt so bad. I'm sorry your going through things in your marriage..I'm sorry we are all are unhappy but I hope things get better for you somehow.