My Husbands Attitude Drives Me Away

I recently got married about a year a half ago. We dated for about 2 or 3 years prior to tying the knot. Everything was okay in the beginning of our relationship. I had met him online after a breakup. We started spending time with each other and I thought to myself what a nice guy. Boy, was I wrong. Things drastically changed within a matter of months. I don't know what it was about him that made it so difficult to love. I think it could have been his overbearing, and clingy personality. I thought to myself, maybe its something I just have to get used to. I didn't. I ended up looking elsewhere for that loving feeling that I could never feel for him. After a year I became pregnant. We had our first daughter and gave up my studio to move in with his parents. That was nightmare. We finally moved out to our own place. We constantly argue over the stupidest things. For example, the baby spilling juice on the floor, her opening the fridge, or where a shelf should be placed on the wall. I feel like I am living with Jeckyl and Hyde. My life with him is an emotional roller coaster. He gets upset over everything. Things that seem so insignificant to me are a major deal for him. I know I made a mistake marrying a man knowing that the red flags were there from the beginning. I don't know what to do. I yearn to divorce and have my freedom back but I feel bound to him with a second baby on the way. What will I do as a single parent? I cant afford an apartment with my part time income. I am so confused. My heart tells me to move on but I am scared. I am scared of not being able to provide for my children. I have to say though, he has never raised a hand on me or cheated that I know of. I just cant take it when he lashes out, which pretty much on a daily basis. I feel like our personalities are on the opposite scale. What should I do?
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Feb 11, 2013