I Don't Know If I Can Fix It...

How did we get to this point?  I don't know..  I try to look back to the very beginning of our problems & it's so hard to pin point one thing.  We have been having problems for about three years..  Its been going on for so long & I am so tired.. Tired of the fighting & the accusations..  Tired of the drama & stress.  I don't know if its fixable any more...  Its affecting him & me.. & my kids.. That's the sad part. I don't think life should be this hard.. I just want to be happy.. I need to be happy..  I even think that I may be happier alone & so will he.. 14yrs is a long time..  I was 18 when I got married.. So I have never been alone & that's so scary..  We separated once for about 2 months & then ended up getting back together.. But this time it feels so very different.  This is like the final drum roll..  My 10yr old daughter told me this morning that she would like her dad & I to get a divorce..  Such a stunning statement from my child.  She said that she is tired of the fighting....  I think we all are....

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Me too... :)<br />
((hugs))<br />
I'm an optimist.. lol

I hope it all works out for you.

Yep...<br />
He has since moved out and has his own place.. So<br />
the drama is gone.. So that has gotten better.. Now it's<br />
just me moving and dealing with the legalities.. ((hugs))

Thank you Dorobo for the advice.. It does indeed seem as though you are an expert.. What you said is very true. I will take your advice into consideration..<br />
Thank you again..

Wow... Carrot, you think I'm amazing.. *blush*<br />
Thanks for thinking so highly of me.. I knew there was a reason that we are friends.. :-) I am pretty sure that I can do it... It's just going to be the greatest challenge that I have faced so far.. Thank you so much for the support.. :-)))

Thank you so much Carrrot.. You are a very good friend & I appreciate all the support I can get... I think the thought of being alone scares me more than anything. Especially with my kids..

Awwwe.. Thank You Cowboy... I can use all the help I can get.. Thanx for being there for me... You don't how much I appreciate it....

Don't worry...I'll keep you in every prayer I pray. Love you :-)

I have been told that.. Prayers are probably what I need.. Yeah the fighting is taking a very big toll...<br />
We are both still young. Young enough to possibly start over. Thank you for caring so much. That helps more than you know. Divorce is not usually the answer but I think sometimes it may be the only solution to a very difficult situation.. Thanx Cowboy...

I usually don't believe in divorce...but I want you to be happy too. I care too much about you to just let you keep fighting like this...and I care about your husband and kids too just because they're also members of the human race.<br />
<br />
Maybe you should try praying about it...God will give you the right answer.