My Marriage

My husband and i got married very young against the wishes of my family (and his as well, but to a much lesser extent). As soon as we said "i do" he seemed to change. He was no longer the sweet, caring, tender individual i had married. He was mean and crude and vile. He abused me physically, emotionally, and verbally but i was too shocked and embarrased and ashamed to leave him. I had, after all, gone against my parents wishes and married him in the first place.

I have become an overbearing nag. I know this. My husband is trying to change (it's been almot 4yrs now) but i feel like its just too little too late. I don't trust him, i don't like him, i'm scared of and angry at him. I just can't seem to let the past go.

Sometimes i think i don't love him anymore.

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1 Response Feb 25, 2009

GET OUT AND GET OUT NOW! If you have children, you would be sending them a very negative message about self respect and treatment of others. Not to mention the negative message about what relationships look like. You are not doing yourself any favours by being his punching bag. You don't love him...and family will always welcome you home.