.....but Since I No Longer Consider Myself Properly Married

........I no longer need to feel unhappy!

Let's hope this works...... : ) : )


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You can only get your life back and move on when you make YOUR needs more of a priority. It's your life~ not your Dad's, or the Bishop's. You can still act respectfully and politely to them but stand your ground!

I still fell lost. I have been legally seperated for 11 years now. My father told me not to get the divorce because his best friend is a Bishop who married me and it will hurt the feelings of the Bishop and my Dads belief catholic. When can i get my life back and move on.

Yes you are right.......our lives are so enmeshed I just don't know where to start!

Lostbird - Go get your goove on girlfriend! Nobody deserves to stay in an unhappy situation. Once you've tried to make things right and it can't be made right... you need to be happy with yourself otherwise what's life about, right?

Thanks....I'm not sure if meeting someone new is an option right now, since I still consider it difficult while I'm still living in the same house, still technically "married". We'll see....

Considering what you have said, I would say a definate no, that can complicate things teribly

When you meet someone new, it will all be worth it. Good luck.

I'm still struggling with the idea to be honest, everything seems to be closing down around me, just when I was feeling more open to possibilities, but I guess it can change again. Sorry if this sounds a little vague~ I know what I mean!

Good luck; I this is what you really want, you will get it.

Thanks.....I have a lot more freedom now, but even that is a little scary. All I wanted was the love from my hubby. Now I know we can't meet each other's needs I will look elsewhere but at what price?

Divorce is a scar that will always linger, is there any way he would go to counseling with you?

unhappy marriage is the worst thing ever. No freedom, yes duties, no happiness, yes tears... this sux. <br />
hope you find a way out, and fast.<br />
wish you all the best.

Thank you! My situation is a little weird and unconventional but I must no longer dwell on the misery of my marriage and must find other ways of fulfillment.

Good luck!! =) I think if you are not happy - YOU have to go find your happiness :)