I Get No Affection From My Husband.

I have been married for about a year and a half, been together four years.  When my husband and I were dating, he was affectionate.  Once we started living together after about six or seven months, he became less and less affectionate quickly.  Now his expressions of affection are so rare, it startles me when he touches me at all.  I am an affectionate person and I have expressed to him several times that I would like for him to be more affectionate with me.  He always has some kind of excuse like he's always stressed because of his job, or he doesn't feel comfortable showing affection to me in front of his daughter, or he doesn't feel well.  It's always something.  Now he has a back injury; he has chronic pain and takes pain medication, so he says that with the medication, his thinking is so clouded he just doesn't think of it.  However, his thinking is clear enough to play complicated video games, read tons of books, and watch movies.  I can understand that having sex (which we have about once month now) is painful for him, and I have accepted that.  I'm not mad about that at all (although I sure do miss it).  I can't help but feel that if you are in love with someone, you would naturally be affectionate at least a few times a week.  And I'm talking about simple things like hugging, a little caress on the arm, a squeeze of my hand.  At one time about a year into our relationship, I started to feel strongly that his lack of affection was a definite red flag that he wasn't in love with me anymore (the suspicion that, with him being a single father, he was just interested in finding a mother for his daughter did cross my mind).  But when I talked with him about it, he was very offended that I would imply that he doesn't love me.  He said that I should just know that he does without having to have any affection.  I have a friend who told me that she believes that people express love differently, which is certainly true, and that some people can love someone deeply, but not ever express affection.  I don't know, I just find that really hard to believe.  I realize that I can just ask him again from time to time to at least try to express some affection.  But what I keep thinking is that, he doesn't show affection because he's not really in love with me, and I can't make someone love me.  I would really like to hear what other people's opinions are about this.

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i m varun singh i m 31 yrs can u want to friendship with me mam

I am in a similar place in my marriage & it worries me to be honest. I mean we have 2 kids, one with moderate special needs. I've gained weight & he has made it clear how disgusted he is with 'fat people'...i live a high stress life & turn to food a lot, (especially chocolate). He started out very affectionate, and although when the affection died out--the sex was still great, now I'm lucky if he can get it up. I'm past the self pity phase though. If anything I am angry now. I'm angry at him, but most of all at myself for allowing him to get in my head to the point where I feel like nothing. I can't really go anywhere because my special needs child cannot tolerate many sensory triggers, and I find myself alone at home lots. I've caught him ******* off to computer ***** but again, we are now having problems intimately. I'm at rock bottom I think because I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to lose weight so I can make him pay for the surgery he 'suggested' I get. I want it though. I want a body back that I can love again. I'm in pain joint wise with this one & incase things don't work I want to look semi descent so I can hopefully find someone else. I want to thank you all for sharing your stories. When emotional pain is triggered, its just a little comforting to know one is not alone. I thank God I'm a woman of faith & need to lean on prayer more I think for strength.

Hello I have been with my husband for 11 years and we have two boys together and we sure has had our ups and downs but I am so in need of attention and affection o mean he shows his love by working 70 hours a week and hes a great dad but I feel im only putting the emotional part in and im so lonely and for christ sakes im only 29...please someone the time that needs the touching and him telling me all the may call me needy but I have told him I need more of I need more love I feel alone and I dont want to find someone elses attention I want and need

I believe that he does love you if not he wouldn't be with you nor married u after 3 years of being your man...he loves you girl. Your friend is right, men are different in many ways but I also believe he needs to put his part at least once a week for you like a hug, a kiss, a simple flower. So he can make the person he loves actually feel loved.

Im in my 20's and been married for 2yrs, in the beginning of our marriage my husband was very sweet, he would tell me everyday that i was beautiful, now he never tells me im beautiful, he berly touches me, i constantly tell him how much i love him and how happy and lucky i am of having him in my life and he doesnt say anything back. I try touching him and he always comes up with an excuse (oh im tired) not today. He doesnt evn let me touch him. I asked him why he changed and he said he doesnt feel comfortable at times when i touch him. I cried and told him im ur wife, i never tell u not to touch me. Right away he starts raising his voice at me and gets mad. i think its because i put up some weight and it makes me feel so disgusted of myself that my own husband doesnt evn want to touch me. I will start to excersize and loose weight so i can look better but it hurts so much to know that the person who said would love u no matter what doesnt evn feel atracted to u

I believe that he doesn't deserve only live once find someone that will make u smile every morning and tell you he loves you but really mean it. You sound like a very sweet girl dont blame his mistakes or actions on yourself..every person changes physically within the years so the person thats going to really love you will know and accept that and never push u away no matter if you're dressed up or not...have gained weight, or gotten older...

my husband is the same way. he used to be so caring and affectionate, but now its almost gone. He is a great provider for our family and a good father,but when it comes to me...there isnt anything. so i really know what you mean!

Im in my 20's and been married for 2yrs, in the beginning of our marriage my husband was very sweet, he would tell me everyday that i was beautiful, now he never tells me im beautiful, he berly touches me, i constantly tell him how much i love him and how happy and lucky i am of having him in my life and he doesnt say anything back. I try touching him and he always comes up with an excuse (oh im tired) not today. He doesnt evn let me touch him. I asked him why he changed and he said he doesnt feel comfortable at times when i touch him. I cried and told him im ur wife, i never tell u not to touch me. Right away he starts raising his voice at me and gets mad. i think its because i put up some weight and it makes me feel so disgusted of myself that my own husband doesnt evn want to touch me. I will start to excersize and loose weight so i can look better but it hurts so much to know that the person who said would love u no matter what doesnt evn feel atracted to u


What is your gut saying?
What is your instinct because it is probably correct.
You don't just "know" someone loves you unless they show you and tell you.

I'm with you ladies. Been married for 11 years and the affection started to disappear after year 1. Now we are no more than roommates with kids. Sex happens maybe a couple of times a year, and when it does happen it's awkward because we're not used to being affectionate to eachother outside of the bedroom. I've told him so many times about my needs for affection, but nothing ever changes. It's tough but at least I'm coming to the realization that things won't change so I'm hanging in the marriage for the kids (I know, not the best reason). At least from reading this site is I find comfort that I'm not the only one going through this. Stay strong out there and find ways to empower yourselves.

I am more than sure that man in these situations are spending to much time taking care of themselves and therefore the woman is left wondering what's wrong.

Sounds soooo familiar! I have been married for 14 years with a twelve yr old son and I have been in this marriage for our son about 10 yrs and let me tell you if your not already there it will drag you to the bottom! If you are like me and have told him how you're feeling until you're blue and have gotten little or no response so you just dismiss the conversation until you can't take anymore and you bring it up again only to have the same thing happen over and over again and you feel like you are talking to a wall or if you have tried to be understanding of the fact that some people are just clueless when it comes to feelings and tried to help him see and there's no LOVE MAKING (all caps because there is a difference) find your big girl panties, pull em up and and go! if you have kids be mature and do what's right for them but by not putting them in the middle or making them feel they must choose, I say this because it's very easy to do without realizing it. No I didn't get the fairy tale probably won't ever but I know there is someone out there that not only wants to love me but wants to show it! Maybe if you actually leave it will cause him to have an epiphany maybe it won't but you deserve to be happy and to feel loved and just because someone stays too long trying to find a way to make it right or stays because they don't want to hurt their kids or thinks that he really hasn't done anything wrong doesn't mean they're stupid it means they're a good person. If you stay in a loveless and/or unaffectionate marriage odds are your kids will see that as normal and maybe fall into the same pattern as adults. It's unhealthy for everyone! I have only begun the process, I still feel insecure and unsure and while that's scares me I can already breathe better! Whew this is better than therapy!!!

I send hugs to everyone on here who is suffering. I am right there with you, on so many levels.
I wish I could heed my own advice...remember something very important: you are a beautiful person inside and out. You deserve the same love you put all your strength in to giving. The tears will

My heart goes out to all of you. I am a highly affectionate person with a love language thar corresponds appropriately

I know exactly how you feel. Going thru the same thing. My husband and I have been married for a year next month and he never shows me affection. He says its bcuz he didn't get showed affection when he was growing up so he doesn't know how. But I don't think thatts true. I agree that if you love someone that much the affection comes naturally. Not saying be glued to each other 24/7, but the occassional kiss or hug would do the trick. Even a compliment or look with love in his eyes would be good enough. Idk I guess most men are missing the gene that is implanted in us to show love. They should start an affection 101 boot camp type thing for all these guys who are lacking in this dept for sure!

You are so right about the gene they're missing that we have.

Never realized so many people wear a mask in this world. I don't understand how can people be heartless with their loved ones.i think Making love, holding hands, hugging or any affection is the best feeling in the world. Feeling wanted or loved that's what I need

I'm going through the same thing. I can't take it anymore!! I'm going to leave. I'm just so lonely!!!

Any body who lives in Orlando Florida maybe we can get together. I need affection and would love to give affection in return

Like you said I also feel like I should find a friend with benefits

I feel the same way I have been with my girlfriend for almost 4 years and we a child and he is 19 months old and I love him to death but ever since she got pregnant affection went down the toilet. I love affection and I love to make love but I would say about 9 times a year is all I get and I don't know how much longer I can put up with this. If it wasn't for my baby I would have left her but I am trying and I am growing desperate .what should I do? I told her how I feel and she said then leave but the baby stays. I am a stay at home dad so I am always with him and would die if I loose him.. so confused so lost so lonely ......sigh

Thanks for the response. But, I'm beginningining to feel that maybe I should have a friend with benefits on the sideline. W

Well , for me my situation is completely different but, I feel my spouse is only concerned about his three children although, we have four. One is mine biologically with someone before my marriage of our three. But I'm completely unhappy. I feel so alone and lonely. His main concern is for our three kids that are his biologically. My son his stepson who has experienced some mentally ill concerns which I believe has been major concerns for my husband. But , of course he's my son and I'm there unconditionally. I just wonder if I should just move forward with my life or just suffer in silence. Please someone help!!

I am going through the same thing with my husband and I am totally falling apart. He has never been sexual. He did used to say that no man needs to look at other women if they are happy with the woman they have. He said he was happy and never needed to look. Now he has changed his mind. He is taking pics of women at gas stations, looking at ****, and jacking off in his sleep but he has absolutely no interest in me at all. He doesnt kiss me or play with me. He may have sex with me once a month but its real quick and he doenst even open his eyes. I tell him all the time that he has taking all my self esteem away. I mean i feel so suicidal because he has no interest in me at all physically. What am I supposed to do . Please can someone talk to me or help me.

Hi klantz 80,I was like that too,well actually still is a little bit but I'm coming out of it.First we must love GOD,then we must love ourselves .erase the suicidial thoughts in your head.GOD loves you.Put on you some make up,some cute clothes ,take urself out to dinner,if hubby wont.Love yourself.Dont sit at home and look at the 4 walls, it will depress you ,Im a living example.You are some go girl! :)

God bless you. Keep your eyes fixed on God. Learn about Him. His love for you is enough klantz80. Don't give up your life for the undeserved. Try listening to Christian music. I love the song Beautiful by MercyMe

I have been married for 14 yrs .. I might as well be livin with a sibling .. there is no affection .no touching . Nothing . My mum died 2 and a half yrs ago . I used to cry myself to sleep . He didnt even comfort me . I cried on my own . I was ignored . Its very hurtful knowing that your husband isnt interested in you any more . In bed at night if I turn over then so does he ... away from me ..

I feel so bad for you. Pray about it.

Life is funny, i was married to a man for six years that showered me with affection but he was also an alcoholic and hit me. I have been with my current husband for ten years (married 1) he shows me love in his own way, but not the way i need i need affection i need to hear i matter, i need to know he still wants and needs me. My husband has put his hobbies first and yes i have tried joining him but he gets bossy and says hurtful things and he doesn't even realize it. There should be a support group for this sort of thing.

It's the same for me, with absoluately no sex in the marriage except to please him if you know what I mean. He shows no signs of affection at all for me. I feel the same way that he does not love me. He gets mad at me when I ask him for a simple kiss like im killing him. He tells me all the time he doesn't like my weight, but simply he is as fat as a cow himself. We have no sex because he says he's impedant and that my weight doesnt help either. He is mean most of the time and always demanding things of me. He equates love from me as cleaning house and feeding him. He does nothing for me accept makes me pay for everything with money I saved from my last job. He will not go back to work. He has lots of money but wont spend any on me. I pay for everything and im almost out of money. He's has been more hostile lately because I mention my money is getting low. I am so sick of flipping the bill and taking care of him without getting anything in return. I truely believe that he does not love me but he just does not want to be alone so he would rather make me miserble. If i tell him anything, it's always my fault. I really feel like going back to work and just walk out on him. Find anyone off the street to **** and let him know i did it so i could be rid of him altogether. I really hate how he makes me feel.

I have the same kissers no cuddles not passion no sex.And I have said to my husband that he doesn't love me.but we have to girls togethee.and that he's here becouse of them and not me.he has said he doesn't love me in the past.and hell find somewere to live.but he's here still.

I've been married for 35 years. I find now that my husband is more of a roommate than a lover. He has no affection to give it seems and I have expressed the fact that I need it. I sit here in tears because I need it and he can't give it and I don't know how I can live like this the rest of my life. I have been in cognitive therapy for 30 years and I still fight depression. As does he. And we have been traumatized by various events and I am sure some of that comes into play. I took the david burns depression inventory online and it revealed what I already knew, I am at minimum, moderately depressed.

I'm hoping I can find a safe place in my head to get past this. I don't know where I am going to draw the strength but I will fight my depression and disappointment with this lack of affection somehow. What choice to I have.

And yes. you can't make some one love you.....

Best of luck or whatever it is we'll need to navigate through this..

It would be great isn't it if we get a husband who can give us all the full support in everything but in reality, it is not like that. In reality, we wives cant give to our husbands what they really/fully want from us as well. Lets say if you are in depression now, can he help you to recover? Yes, to a certain extent, if he is ever so understanding; but the truth of the matter is that not everyone understands another fully and so it boils down to Yourself. You need to know this. That is the person who can help you is YOU. You have to get strong, get well, and not think disappointment of lack of affection etc. Just accept it that we have a choice to make it better. Do things that will make things better that makes you happier and this may even affect him to notice you to love you better. Please do not cry and be sad no more; pick yourself up. Give yourself that much. Bring happiness to your life again. Do not depend on others to give it. Do some of the simple things in life to get better; smile more, give a compliment, give a helping hand, smell the flowers. Forget the sex part or lover part. I think many people face this dilemma, not something new, and it happens not just to you but to many too. Focus your strength and energy into what you can do best and approach this as a challenge as to how you may improve your situation. Wishing you better days ahead :)

I've been trying to get my wife to understand what it is I need for years, and I do like sex but that's not the problem. In fact, when I ask for affection what I get is more sex! It's nice but it's not the same thing. I don't thinks she's capable or doesn't understand what it is or something. Whatever the problem is, it's not going to change and I'm not expecting it to anymore. I finally was able to talk her into going into counseling and all it's done is convince me that it's not going to work. When I want some affection I'm supposed to tell her and then she does what she thinks is being affectionate. But it's not, it doesn't feel real and it's not real. At least I'm not angry about it anymore and I'm not expecting it to change. Our youngest will be out of the house it a year or two and that will probably be it for this marriage. Don't expect it to change and get out as soon as you can so you can meet someone to have a real relationship with.

Just because you are not getting "affection" as how you want it, you say, call it quits. You are not expecting her to change, that is good, as you married her for better or for worse, isn't it? Just because you find one fault with her, you want to leave her and find another? I bet you will do the same to another, find a fault not to your satisfaction and leave. Grow up. There is no one person on this earth who is perfect to your taste. Next you will find someone who will show you lots of affection but "sorry, i have the headache sex! tonight, sorry" woops.... :) In marriage, we have to look at the good in the person, not just the bad. I am sure you saw lots of things in her whilst dating, why didn't you notice she had no affection? yet you married her, surely there was good and attractive about her for you to have married her? Marriage is not for short term, it is for life. With this kind of thoughts, oh my youngest will be out etc, you are just waiting to END it!! I pity your wife.

Hi there...I understand COMPLETELY! I am on pain meds for chronic pain so while I do sympathize SLIGHTLY w/your hubby, I am completely on your side w/the affection needs. I am married to a man who has Asperger's Syndrome. I did not know this when we got married, however, and often feel as if I got "baited and switched". He was pretty affectionate while we were dating and newly married, because he was "trying". If he really puts his mind to it, he does pretty well with the "physical" displays of affection he knows I want/need. We have been married for 11 years now and honestly at least half of them have been a real struggle on my part. I NEVER get all my emotional needs met by him....but he does "show me" he loves me in other ways. For pain confines me to bed sometimes and he will feed me and the kids....bring me my meals in bed...he gets up and takes our kids to school every am. now because mornings are harder for me and he has to be up for work anyways...but since he works from home if I am having a bad day he will also pick them up and he NEVER makes me feel guilty for may not be what I need emotionally but its how he shows me HE LOVES & takes care of me. Sex is different,,lots of hurt feelings there....I have had to do a lot of the initiating....its gotten better since we did marriage counseling about a year ago...and I mentioned I thought he had Aspergers and she agreed. He still hasnt gone for his own testing or individual counseling, which I want him to do, but we are reading books about it and he is trying very hard. It is a day by day thing and it is very difficult. I am lonely alot. But I love him and I keep trying. :)

I've recently got married in the past year and I feel that everything has changed. We live with the inlaws so that puts a lot of strain on our relationship. My husband is rarely affectionate towards me anymore. I've told him about it and he tells me I should initiate. So I did, often he would reject me. When I bring it up with him he gets defensive and shuts me out. He just stops talking to me. I'm someone that likes to sort things out and move on. This weekend we had a big row about rubbish and he told me to get out of the car when I WAS near home and I refused to leave the car. Once I did I slammed his car door he got out of the car and kicked me really hard. i was so upset and gave him space. I expected him to apologise but all he did was blame me for pushing him. I look at him and wish I had not married him. Will things get better. I don't know what to do ...

He rejected me again today I feel so pathetic and desperate. He makes me feel like a fool. I wish I never married him. I keep telling myself I'm not gonna bother and make myself unavaliable. How ridicules I envy what my friends have with their partners and wish I could turn back time

GET OUT NOW!!!!!!! No affection is different from someone who kicks you. GET OUT NO MATTER WHAT IT TAKES!!!!!!!! PLEASE!

Sorry,I wish my husband would kick me he'll get kick back.I'm just saying doe thats pitiful.Now i can say he never put his hands on me.But he knows better,but i dont want it to even come down to that doe. i try to love him even doe.He hardly shows it back.He holds a stubborn and selfish spirit when it comes to returning the love.Men have pride they act like they gonna go to jail if they show their wives so affection,uuuggghh

Its been a year since ur post, hope things got better. But once a man hits u he will do it again andf he didnt evn have remorse for what he did to u i dnt thnk he loves u. U should never let a man put a hand on u.

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Hi here moon, even i am also suffering like , lack of affection from hubby, which he used to show before having kid, my marriage is now 3 yrs completed, that too love marriage, but now he never feel to hug or kiss or even while sleeping also distance between us. i feel many times like hug and kiss need atleast once in a day, but i get only in sex time, excluding that time also he can show, y husbands forget romance after marriage and affection towards wife . Due to this only wifes or if husbands suffering same then husbands feel for external affairs. this life is very small and should live as we want. then how to manage for love , affection and romance from husband, when he ignores and not interested.

I was one of you!.. Then a lot of terrible things happened and I learned that it wasn't him... IT WAS ME!!! Stop the b*t*hing! Stop complaining! Don't nag him! Treat him like the boss! Treat him like a king, like a MAN! OPEN UP YOUR SEX LIFE! Don't be a prude in any way! I have completely transformed the way I treat my Mark! And WOW, have things changed!!! I always thought I loved sex. I always thought that 'he made me this way'. That he made me the bit** i became. If all women could just relax and pull the rod of bitterness, resentment, and self piety out of their bums they would have a new man in a week! Seriously all it takes is keeping our mouths shut, except for when building them up. Rub him. Tell him you want him. Discover what HE likes! The more about him you make it, the happier you both will be. I'm not saying that ALL the women on here complaining of this are at fault. But I wish someone would have talked to me the way I am talking to all of you a long time ago! I now make it my priority to be his 'pet' and I'm loving every second of it!... Today he had a long day of work. But he still helped out. When he said 'don't worry I'll do it', I listened. When he needed a glass of water, I got it for him without a word said. Now we are laying together on the couch. He is sleeping on my lap. Im convinced that Our sex life is better than almost everyone's! All I need to say is SIX times in one day!!! I'm not exaggerating!... And all I had to do is obey more, and keep my mouth shut instead of bit**ing!!!

you need help. you blame the women? one man kicked his wife and she's to blame? you must be a re/teapublican who blames women for being raped. This notion you suggest is disgusting, disgraceful, a huge cognitive distortion and indicates a troubled person. sigh and shame on you. please get help. you need it.

No, she's right. She's not talking about the girl who is being abused. She is talking about all of us women who are emotionally controlling with our husbands. Look, I hated this too. The first time I heard this, I wanted to punch someone. I was furious. How could I be the problem?! I am the one fighting for our love life, for the affection, to try to keep us from ending up as roommates or worse, divorced? But I am the problem. Do it like this. Give to me like this. Not like that. That isn't enough, that isn't the way I need/ want it. This is all I say to my husband. In reality, it isn't all I say. I say lots of beautiful things to him. But why would he hear them? How schizophrenic can I be? " I love you. I want to be close to you. Ok, now not enough, not like that, more now, please. More." And that is what I am doing. I don't think I am doing that. I think I am communicating to him how much I love him. But I am just controlling and bitching and constantly telling him. "You're not enough. You're not enough." And maybe he isn't, and maybe he will never be enough. And maybe, he isn't supposed to be. He is not God. I just got into an argument with my husband fifteen minutes ago. We just got back from a mini weekend getaway and it was bliss. Beautiful intimate sex, which doesn't happen nearly at all. He usually keeps his eyes closed and I am constantly asking him to open them. But not this weekend. This weekend he was open and giving and verbal and passionate. We come home and he shifts back to pecks goodnight. As though he has no interest in continuing what we began this weekend. Now any woman will agree with me. What the hell?! But that is crap. Why am I like that? Why are we like that? Why can't he give what he has and I just the F relax a moment. I started to think, what was it about this weekend that created that need to open up to me so passionately. Here's what I find. We went ice fishing this weekend. Holed up in an 8 by 12 foot box. I read for hours, which I love. He fished for hours, which he loved. We sat in silence this way for quite a while. I was completely satisfied just being in the same room as him. I wasn't pressuring him. I wasn't asking anything from him. He didn't feel guilty just doing his thing. He felt at ease with me "ignoring" him. And Bam! Two hours later, here is the man I have been trying to chase down for a years! Giving me everything I have ever wanted from hi , saying everything I needed to hear, lavishing me with love, affection, attention and passion. It's us, girls. We create it. I'm shutting my mouth. I want that man feeling free and passionate. I'm repenting from controlling him and asking God to help me give him space, respect and real love. And I am asking God to help me not fear anymore that I will go without. I am married to a good man who has been living with a good intentioned *****. Sorry, hubby I'm shutting up now.

Funny, I'm replying to my own post. Hee hee. But, this is so mind blowing to me, I can't keep quiet. We worship our husbands. Why else would we be so hell bent pissed when they don't pull through for us. We expect perfection. We expect they should be capable of it all and we want it all from them. That's worship. Because the only thing in life that can BE ALL AND DO ALL is God. Now, why would he allow His sons to fulfill the needs of a woman who is an idolatrer? God can not. He can not allow His sons to want worship. A good man will reject your worship. He knows he isn't perfect. He accepts he can not give you everything. That is why he is so frustrated with you for wanting it from him. It isn't the specific request our husbands are is the worship and I think they are hard wired to reject it. And women want to worship. And if we are not careful, we might leave these good men and find a man who is ok with being worshiped. And then where does that leave us? With God? I don't want to show up at the Gates of Heaven believing what a great wife I was because I gave so much love to my husband to find out that I gave him what was God's to have...the adoration, the faith, the passionate pursuit of my husband that should have gone to my Lord. And that is exactly what my husband saves me from. My husband doesn't want me to train him to be worthy of my worship. And that's what we are really doing, isn't it? We are saying...give me more affection so you are worthy of my worship. Give me more love,mso I am justified in worshiping you...because right now, you're not worthy of it. And I want to worship you. I need you to be perfect or try to be perfect...or gosh, believe you are capable, because I believe you are capable of perfection..I see you that Time to repent. Time to repent.

you know it aint that easy for us women and Your post sound like you a slave not a wife and thats why your husband loves it,well where do he come in to serve you....It's adam and eve honey, not just adam.You still dont know what he doing in his time away from you.Dont get on here and act like your marriage its perfect cause there is no perfect marriage,so how do you have room to grow and be stronger if yall are already strong.Theres always room for improvement.I would believe you quicker if you told the truth about your marriage instead of pretending that its just WONDERFUL you make your self look crazy,when every married woman no better,come on now no marriage is peaches and cream.Love urself enough to face the facts that your marriage might be good,but it could be better in SOME area and it's not perfect.

Obey more? I hate to be harsh, my dear, but you are an idiot! This isn't the 1950's, we shouldn't to bow down and obey men, and our place isn't breeding babies and cooking dinner. Did it ever occur to you that maybe some women have made themselves available in every aspect and still receive nothing but rejection? "Stop being a prude" why don't you hop off your revelation high horse and stop being ignorant!?

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