Going On 21 Years.

My MIL moved in 20 years ago. We have always gotten along, but her presence creates tension in my marriage. I often feel like the odd man out, and have accused my wife of caring more for her mother than me. I suggested assisted living a few years ago and ended up with a spouse threatening to swallow her sleeping pills. I was also called coldhearted. I have been told "I'll take my mother and leave." I suppose three or four arguments over 20 years isn't all that bad, but it seems to be getting worse. Any suggestions on how to end this arrangement, that did manage to survive a long time. My wife has a sister who has been helpful in staying weekends, but when we send MIL to her house (about two hours away) she becomes confused and usually wants back to our house in a week. I may add that MIL will be 91 in March, had a double by-pass at age 88 followed by two falls with broken bones, the last one her hip. She uses a walker and has recovered well. She is still physically active but there has been noticeable cognitive decline.
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Jan 10, 2013