Since The Beginning

My wife and I have been together since1998 we married in 09 and my wife joined the military my mil has been living with us since 09 thought I got away from her when we moved to Louisiana but she came down to "visit" in 10 and hasn't left she's not disabled or even older she still under 50 but she does nothing she takes over the house moves things to how she likes mumbles things under her breath we will walk by each other and not speak she absorbs my wife's friends and our youngest daughter has to sleep in bed with us because she took the third bedroom she hordes food in the room but will eat readily from kitchen and you can cut the tension in the house with a knife any ideas how to get her out I feel like I'm at the end of my rope and I'm halfway out the door.
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2 Responses Jan 21, 2013

I'm sorry that this isn't an answer but I'm in the same situation as you. My wife just joined the Air Force and getting ready to go to Basic Training and then schooling. My mother in law is 49 and has been living with us for almost 4 months. I thought I was finally going to get away from her when we live on base but now she is coming with us because my wife doesn't want to leave her behind and regret not helping her. She doesn't realize that keeping her here in this house isn't helping. I feel so uncomfortable in my own house. I'm also a stay at home Dad so I have to deal with her all day long and she stopped looking for a job. Our utilities are doubled now that she's here, 99.9% of the time she doesn't clean, but if she does, she lets the whole world know. So don't think you're alone in this one man. I just hope we don't have to deal with this much longer, because I feel like I'm at the end of my rope too.

She also uses our cars without permission and runs out the gas and just feels entitled to whatever my wife has