On March 6,2010

I came onto this website and set my mood at "extremely happy" because "my future is looking amazing." I can't remember why my future was looking amazing at that point in time but for whatever reason I was stoked about it. I know I was slammin dope at the time but not quite kicked out of my mom's yet. Now here it is a little more than 4 months later and I'm miserable and my future looks bleak and I'm preparing myself to feel more hurt and rage then I do right now.What the hell happened.
wonkey wonkey
18-21, F
1 Response Jul 17, 2010

Harvard university did a study of what makes people happy - after 15 years and over 150,000 case studies they discovered 3 common occurrences. When all 3 were present and active the person described themselves as being happy.
1. Have a realistic and achievable goal. Set a goal for the day a goal for the week and a goal for the year.
2. Take consistent and positive steps to achieve your goals.
3. Take on and over come the obstacles (and there will be obstacles) as they present themselves (not before). Do not view problems as a bad thing. They provide the opportunity for you to feel a sense of achievement as you journey to toward your goal.

If these 3 things are happening simultaneously - then you will feel productive, purposeful, and positive. This equals happy... But only you can do this. Nothing or no one else can do it for you. You and you alone must actively take on the 3 steps.
Think on it