Organized Crime

That's what the medical care industry appears to be to me. In all the endless talk about how to pay for the growing cost of health care I never hear the question "does it really have to cost this much". A talk radio host said the reason health care is so expensive is because of Medicare and insurance. If people had to pay for it themselves they would refuse to and the cost would come down. I think he is right and I believe our representatives in Washington are lining their pockets with donations from this the health care industry, aka organized crime.

We always had insurance through my husband's employers until the economy tanked. For the last several years the company said they could no longer afford it. Now they are offering a policy again but we have been told it will cost us over 200 bucks a week! When we first lost coverage I visited various insurance businesses in town and came up with a price of 900 a month. This is so unreal and yet it is never questioned. We are in our 60s and although we enjoy good health now and always have , I worry our luck will run out. We are poor and even something simple could wipe out the little we have to retire on, assuming we can do that.
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Nov 29, 2012