My Path To Uu

Many many years ago I attended a Southern Baptist church. It was not the denomination my parents raised me in but it was were all my friends and the cute girls went to church (I know that is a horrible reason to go there, but I'm being honest here!). After going there for years I caught myself condemning someone to hell because of something that I didn't actually believe, I was just repeating what I heard. I took a step back and started to search for the proof of my statement, which lead to an all out search for truth after hitting my own personal religious reset button.
After a long search, much meditation, and many late nights surfing options on the internet I was riding in the back of a Humvee in Afghanistan and I had an epiphany. I wouldn't go as far as to say I heard a voice, but had it spoke it would have said "they not wrong" as my attention turned towards the people in the vehicle. What I saw were four people, all American, all soldiers, all working together, one a christian, the second a Muslim, third a Jew and finally an atheist.
Once I got back home I came across one of those Coexist stickers and thought it was perfect (I have had one on my car ever since). About a year later I had still never heard of UU, I have no clue how I didn't come across it in my internet searches. But someone saw that sticker and said "I didn't know you were a Unitarian". Then I looked it up and finally found the place that I belong.
Now I attend a congregation on a regular basis. I love the people, the community and the discussions that take place there. The road here was my most fulfilling journeys!
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1 Response Apr 12, 2012

Glad you were able to find a congregation that works for you. As a long time UU, I enjoy the path to finding what works for you. We are all on the search.