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I live in New Jersey and i am only a few months shy of my 16th birthday. I am the only 5th Generation of my church, My mother is the only 4th generation and my grandmother is one of the oldest members [and has been now named a pillar]. My whole life i have been a Unitarian [with heavy Jewish favoritism due to my Jewish Step Father] When I did my Coming Of Age this year, my mentor mentioned that at the age of three i was already part of the Unitarian Royal Family [my Grannie was Prez at the time]. My whole life Unitarianism as a main faith is all i have know. I love UU because it allows me to keep Christmas and Celebrate Hanukkah along with it. I love the freedom, the ability to think for yourself. Most religions you are told everything down to how much money you have to put into the collection plate each week. I am a free thinking liberal creative open minded teenager. I know whats going on in the world and i know i want to change it. I have so many friends that are lost when it comes to religion. They only think about Judaism and Christianity. I introduced a few to Unitarian beliefs and well they find it to be "awesome". Creed-less religions make me so happy inside. I am happy that i grew up a Unitarian and I grew up in an environment that let me think for myself. :D
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Good for you. I was raised UU and attended both church and temple with my family and Jewish friends. My father was a UU minister all my life and my mother became a UU minister later in life. The belief in "The inherent worth of all people" is one of the basic beliefs but the best thing about being UU is you can believe pretty much whatever you want provided you try to understand all peoples' beliefs and live your life as a good person.

My youngest son's Baby Blessing was done by C.U.U.P.S. and they were pretty cool people. If there was a place to go near here, I'd probably go, but they're all too far away.