What Good Is A Birth Certificate?

I recently had to go to the board of health office to obtain my certificate of live birth so that I can get my license........ What I saw was only one parent on my birth certificate. It had my mother's name and her four ethnic races on it and there was no father.
When I look in the mirror I know I look nothing like her. She tells me I look like my dad. I don 't know.But now everything I thought about my family is wrong. I question who I really am at times. What was my parents thinking. All this time a blamed her for the way our life is but I know it isn't just her fault.
Some people are fortunate to have both parents and to know where they really come from. When I see my birth certificate I get mad. To society I am a bastar* child and to me my heart sinks. What were they ( my parents thinking)?
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Never mind people likes to gossips even in old times when we read histories its there it keeps reminding people born out of wedlock is bastards? Is that kids fault to be born out of illicit relationship? i think its not, another reason if you are abandon and grow up as a fine person nothing could stop you to be fit in society, i have a father but he never took care of us and we grow up ok we never mind people talks at our back we study and pursue what we wanted to be and be what we want and thanks God after those years we finally make our dreams comes true and you know what? our father till this date never repent what he did to us so we don't feel anything with him and we never see him and if one day we all die God will judge us all and who knows were we end up,i believe if you did something good at the end something good will also reciprocate and things will be ok,isnt it?


ha,ha,ha you know I am not so religious man but I believe God is there and no matter what religion we belong it matters...

Its ok to know the truth what will you feel when you know your father and not even bother to take care of you and even abandon you at young age of 6 along with your brothers?Sometimes knowing what is really true is painful to accept but i guess your mom still do the right thing because you are registered as daughter and it doesnt matter if your dad name dont appear.

Your right I am probably better off not knowing who my dad is.

good to see you finally decided to read my stories.

you know what my dad abandon us when i was 6 years old my other 2 brothers age 5 and 1 1/2 year old and my dad just let us go and never think how would we end up and the worse thing he never help and support us and we all grow up and become degree holder not a single cents given to us,now my 2nd brother use to remind me that we received one time when were older 100 US Dollars but i cannot remember he did it,so now after all those years working overseas and supporting his relatives and his friends now that he is old he dont have money and penniless and you know what we dont even see him i mean not have a family love relationship and dont even like to associated with him and nobody from his clans could blames us for what we fell because he was or not been a good father or perhaps even try to support us so that one day we will also help him like now.

That is very kind of you and your family.

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Never met my father. I know the kind if empty whole it leaves. It is a question mark deep within your heart that never gets answered.

it is frustrating.