How I Got Here

I left the United States two days after graduating High School, throughout my High School career I found myself with a growing disgust for everything and everyone around me. I grew sarcastic and bitter, Although I dated I was always either going to school or work. Also in this time I found myself falling in love with Vietnamese culture, mostly due to the fact I dated a girl whose parents were from Vietnam. Even after us breaking up I spent a fair amount of time in the Vietnamese sections of town, wanting to get out of this world which I was currently living in. I became acquainted with an old ARVN Veteran who owned a Pho restaurant, we began discussing how would I go about going to Vietnam as an Eighteen year-old High School graduate. Obviously, teaching English was the best route to take. I spent over a grand to take my ESL certification course on top of working and going to school, throughout this time I visited my friend who gave me some tips on going to Vietnam, although they were very biased coming from an escaped Southern Vietnamese, as well as attending a Vietnamese language class at the local temple. I learned very little, but it was an escape for me, I was miserable with the people I am around.

Everyone here, they make me feel so disgusted, constantly hearing the day to day bickering and mundane conversations. They all just seem like cattle, or gears in a huge machine, just existing for the good of society, they are put in a bubble and told how to live and what to buy. Told what is difficult and what is in reach.

I had little friends, I distanced myself from people, for a number of reasons. One, every time I would be with someone I would want to leave or wish to be alone. Secondly, friendships, at least at this age, seem so flimsy, I know in the future I will not even know this person. I suppose I am not very trusting and open with a lot of people as well. Lastly, the less people I am with the less likely I am to make a fool of myself or offend anyone. Me becoming a "loner" so to speak had to have began in my Freshman year, then I was very sociable, very much into music and talked to everyone. I grew my hair out and wore tight jeans, along with this I hung out with older kids as well as some people in bands. But, the second I went to a party with them I saw all the drinking, drugs, and smoking. I realized these people are not as "cool" as I thought they were, and I am not like them. This is not the person I want to be.

So, although I have lost my religion as I grow, I decided to go against drinking, smoking, and sex, because this is the kind of man I want to be.

So, that is who I was and some of which of who I still am. I left to Vietnam on June 11th, 2012 and since then I have done and grown a lot.
OrphanedNation OrphanedNation
18-21, M
Dec 13, 2012