Im Different

Im 23,female,indian and i feel as if im all alone in this world sometimes,i think differently .........

I do things differently,sometimes ill be staring into space and i wont be thinking of a thing lol.

I dislike loud and rude people,i dont tend to be near people like that,i dislike public speaking and lightning always scares me..

I love coffee and chocolate.....when i feel down i grab a chocolate...but luckily i exercise

I love being by myself sometimes...i hate noise and i love to draw,paint and read. 

I am a nature lover and i appreciate the trees,the rocks,the rivers,the flowers and the moonlight.........i love gazing up at the stars and thinking of all the people that have passed away and how i miss them..

Im a very shy,sensitive person,somebody once called me an introvert.....i hated that word! It made me so angry that i wanted to scream.........the word introvert makes me feel like a sad,lonely,very quiet person that cant stand up for herself. I have another side to me and im sure one day it will come out and i will show those people that put me down all the time.



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3 Responses Feb 18, 2010

I believe all people are unique... i like space.. I don't like crowded places... I enjoy my solitude.. It doesn't make me an introvert.. and so as you... We just like doing our own thing...

Hey there Deleted, you sound a lot like me!!! But guess what it's ok to be different. And the reason that I say this is because I consider myself to be very different from those I know and encounter on a daily basis. When I observe all the people who share the same interests, personalities, beliefs etc. They all seem to have the same problems, drama etc. Dare to be different and dance to your own drummer.

Don't bother changing to prove those people wrong - if it's the way you are, and you're comfortable being that way - don't change. I'm a bit of a dreamer myself, a notoriously reclusive one too, and all of my attempts at being a happy social butterfly have failed miserably. It's not in my nature.