Why Can't Anybody Like Me?

My story is sad and starts back as far as I can remember.

Back when I was about 14, my best friend, Michele's mother, Betty, was the type of mother that stood up for the kids and all the kids liked her. I liked her, but she did not like me! Betty had six children, her older daughter, Marie, was a good friend of my older sister Shari. Michele was a couple years younger than I, but developmentally, we were about the same age. Michele also had a brother, Monte, that was my age. I tried to be nice to Betty, but she never paid any attention to me, so I knew that she really didn't care about me, but I never thought it was as bad as it was.

Their family went to Santa Cruz for vacation, Michele was able to bring a friend, and she chose me, there was never any doubt that Michele loved me, I never realized until this incident just how much she did love me.

They had rented a cabin just a few blocks from the beach and boardwalk. There were people sleeping all over, and I was on the floor with the others. While I lay there, Betty and her sister-in-law were drinking coffee and Betty was telling her sister-in-law terrible things about me. I should have gotten up and confronted her then, but being the coward and wimp I am I just laid there listening, until I fell asleep. The next morning I felt terrible, as you can imagine just hearing terrible things about yourself. I told Michele that I wanted to go home, and told her what I had heard. Of course Michele was angry with her mother, but not surprised, so I knew tthen hat she had heard it all before, but had never told me, because she did love me.

Of course Betty never apologized, Michele and I continued to hang out and had some great times, but very seldom at Michele's house. Betty also spoke to my other friend's parents and convinced them that since I was a few years older that I was inappropriate for their children to hang out with. But Michele and I continued to hang out until she met Al. Once she met Al, her boyfriend, rightly became priority, but having a boyfriend did not mean that we could not still hang out. But think it was just easier for Michele to just let me go, it probably made her mother happy too.

Michele went on to marry Al, and had a couple kids. I saw her around and asked how things were going, but it was never the same between us. Then I heard through her sister Marie, that Al, Michele and the kids had moved to Red Bluff. Then the next thing I hear is that Al and Michele got into an argument, probably about money, and Al blew Michele's head off in front of their kids.

I went to the funeral and for the first time that I can remember, Betty was nice to me. Maybe if she hadn't bad rapped me constantly, her daughter might have still been alive, probably not, but Betty would never admit it.

I went on to get a job, and get out on my own. Of the other kids, that their parents didn't want hanging out with me, one got pregnant, one got addicted to drugs and Michele dead.

What can cause such hatred, especially for a child?

But this was just the first I have lots of sad stories like the above, why?

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I am terribly sorry about what had happened to your best friend. I just can't believe that had happened.<br />
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So... onto the story itself... I don't believe that there is anything wrong with you. I can't understand why a grown woman would even talk about you like that. This is just... I have no words.<br />
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All I can do is hope that you heal even through these events. I'm really, terribly sorry.

Clearly Betty was judgmental and had no heart. I relate to what you're saying and I think life hands some of us a bad deck of cards (people who reject us). I think it's very important to know that there's nothing wrong with you. People who reject and have no compassion are the problem. May your heart and soul heal from all these awful incidents you endured.

whatever reasons they didn't like you for were stupid reasons, but try to think back what they said about you that was bad, then you could have a clue why they didn't like you, even though it will not be justified as a reason(I can kind of relate).