Not Everyone Likes Me

Some people think I am a troll

Some people find me provocative and think I am trying to do it

Some people think I am judgmental

Some people find me closed minded

Some people find me stupid

Some think I am retarded or have it mildly or think I'm slow

I am opinionated

Not everyone likes what I say

People will dislike me over stupid reasons like the time it was because I was too obsessed with the movie Benny & Joon and also the fact I wear diapers and am into that stuff

I have poor social skills

I'm annoying

I function different

I have anxiety

I am a ***** because of the anxiety

I'm rude and don't always mean to be

I talk loud due to poor awareness

I zone people out so I may not even be aware when I am in your personal space or have cut in front of you or even notice you have said something to me

I don't talk much anymore and when I do talk, I don't shut up

I'm weird

Some think I am fake

Everyone has things about themselves people don't like and you can be a very good person and very open and sweet and be nice to anyone no matter how they treat you and someone out there will still dislike you for it and see you as manipulative or fake. People will even dislike you for stupid reasons and because they are just closed minded people. A girl didn't like me when I was 11 just because I always wore pants that were a few inches too short so she saw me as a dork. Another girl didn't like me because she thought I was retarded and I functioned below my age level and my hair was always messy because it wouldn't stay neat even when I would brush it. Now I just keep it cut short. There were lot of dumb reasons for why kids didn't like me and some of them were justified because I did like provoking people when I was a child and I always loved to tease and always wanted to test people and see how they would react and who would like such a person? I wouldn't. Plus I did attention seeking behavior and I was bossy because everything had to be my way and I was inflexible and kids had to try and fight it and compromise so they can get what they want and I could be happy. There is more but I don't feel like writing it all.

I don't care anymore what people think of me and I am not going to even prove I am a real person.

girlwithanxiety girlwithanxiety
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1 Response May 17, 2012

I feel for you. Lots of people form that first opinion of a person and never look back to reassess, even if that opinion was formed when the person was a kid or teenager. Hang in there, you will find people who understand and who cares about the rest of them? As long as there's no apocalypse and your life depends on being popular with other people ;o just be yourself. It should work out, I am hoping for you.