No One Loves Me

I am unlovable for the obvious reason: no one loves me. I have never kept a bf for more than a few months and it's always on and off. I have never had a constant relationship and no one wants to be with me because I won't let myself be touched until the time comes to consummate the vows. Every man I've dated left me to be with a woman who will have sex with them. No one wants to wait for marriage to have sex and I am not willing to compromise myself and give my body to a man who doesn't think I'm worth the committment, but I'm worth the roll in the hay. Every man I meet is more concerned about sex and getting laid than they are about getting to know me. Every man I meet is obsessed with ensuring we are sexually compatible and don't seem to care about emotional compatibility. Some of them want an open relationship, some of them lie about wanting a relationship and rather than be honest, they play along and then just stopped coming around, which hurts more than being rejected to my face. Some will say they want to get married and they are willing to wait, but ask to be sexually serviced orally until then and get angry when I tell them that oral, anal or vaginal sex is still sex. They argue that oral sex doesn't really count; yes it does. Just because it doesn't result in pregnancy, it doesn't mean it isn't sex. Plus, because of the way I look, my appearance is what makes men refer to me as a trophy; I'm tired of being a man's trophy and I refuse to be a trophy for anyone and now I am currently in another relationship with a man who wants to be in control and expects me to obey him (he is of a different culture than America) and keeps forcing the sex issue, despite my efforts to focus him on something else. It's just about sex and nothing else and I am thinking about just moving on and staying single. I'm just tired of all the games and men who only care about sex.

Sexyshannon Sexyshannon
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Oh poor least men are attracted to you and you've had many boy friends and at least attempted relationships. one has ever been interested enough to even speak to me. I'm over weight (depression hurts) but I know plenty of women who are heavier and much less attractive that have husbands and boy friends and healthy relationships. I don't know whats wrong with parents were good parents (they were never the kind to say I love you or hug all the time but they loved us). I do have a daughter and she loves me but then she sort of has to and my grandkids (2) love me and I have always been more open and demonstrative with love for my daughter and grandkids. And I DO appriciate being loved by them. But as for men, well like I one...has ever been interested and I have no idea what it feels like to be loved. Yes I was married but that was mostly sexual and his friends came first and well everything else came before I was not loved. I'm really not that ugly but I must just have an orra that puts people off. I used to be kinder and helped others and volunteered but eventually I did just give up. I exist and that is about all. Taking my own life is always on my mind but so far I can tell myself I can always end it tomarrow and I do not want to crush my granddaughter. There's nothing else stopping me because my job sucks so life consists of going to work, go home take a nap, play solitaire for a while and go back to bed. I don't really care about anything any more and don't believe in anything any more either. And thats coming from someone who always wanted to be a part of Disney annimation because it brought joy to peoples hearts young and old. Now I just want the end to get here. I've been alone (me against the world) for almost 40 years.

You may be presenting yourself in a popular, but misleading fashion. Your screen name is a good example. Drop the "sexy". Clearly the wrong message.<br />
<br />
Also, review your search criteria. Where are you looking for love? Chances are quite high that you will find slugs where slugs hang out.<br />
<br />
And one more thing. You have a Father in Heaven who never stops loving you. Don't forget to give Him a chance.

a certain amount of wanting sex is natural in a sexual relationship isn't it? you don't want to be a just sex ob<x>ject that's understandable and you are right oral sex is still sex but are you sure it isn't you who is constantly thinking about sex? after all you do call yourself sexy shannon.