Am I Ever!!!!

The only guys I seem to end up with are those that hit me, stalk me or insult me.   I think it's because I have a good heart and I just want to pick up all of the poor lost souls and help them and nurse them back to health, but it never works.   All I get is trashed and it's wearing a little thin.   I think I need to harden my heart and realize that I can't help anyone but myself and start picking worthier guys on whom to bestow my kindness and generosity.

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2 Responses Apr 6, 2008

Awesome. Great advice NoBS. I used to be one of the abused givers (not physically abused, but often taken advantage of). The moment I started rationing out my support like it was precious, suddenly I was more respected.<br />
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We can't fix the world by changing other people. We can only set an example by being the best people WE can be, and hopefully others can learn from it.

have you reflected on what being a caregiver means to you? sometime, becoming aware of the things we do, and why we do them (how they fulfill a role in building our self image) is the first step towards not doing them anymore, especially when they are a source of pain. Giving your attention and support to people is a gift you offer them, not something they are entitled to. You control it, you own it. Cherish your giving nature, and respect its value, and your own value, by selecting who and when you want to give it. Giving more discriminately will not make you a less giving person, on the contrary, it will make you a person aware of the value of what she offers, who gives because she wants to, and not because she has to. Anytime you choose, you gain power, and the value of what you share increases because it is given freely.