Are There Any Quality Guys Out There?

I have given up on finding love. I have been divorced for 13 years now. My friends jokingly say to me that I have the worst luck in dating. I have dated guys and dated for a while and then they just disappeared. I have been rebound girl. I have been cheated on by a fiance. I have dated 2 guys that ended up being players. I am just done dating. My heart can't take the disappointment anymore. You would think I had boils all over my body and I was 300lbs. But I am pretty and am very funny. I also have a well paying job. I am happy with my life. I am not putting out a desperate vibe. But for the life of me cannot find that special someone. I have tried hard to find someone and I have not looked at all. I have tried online but they were either nuts, came on way too strong or only wanted sex. I have had blind dates without success. I have gone speed dating and did not meet anybody. I think it's safe to say that I have accepted my fate that I will never find my significant other. He's either dead or happily married. Why are some people so unlucky in love? Being alone sucks but it's better to just accept it, quit dating and not be disappointed anymore.
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Dont quit... You still have a lot of time for searching. Were actually in same situation, not just to make you feel better but to let you that there are still people like you and me looking for a deserving "other half". .. I know how it feels. I did also some search on dating sites but no luck... People now mostly just looking for something instant and I am thankful that you managed to be decent inspite of everything happened to you... Life is sometimes unfair. Dont look on the negative side. Take sometime realizing like I did. And you will see that after some time, someone will come to you...Take care and God bless...

I know how you feel , but i know we can not cheat our fixed bad destiny, you are not alone on this plant,many good looking people like you having bad luck, i know you are charming, but still some thing goes wrong with you. Is not that prove some greater mind in universe controlling the things. do not give up hope its now world problem, women are out no,s to men.<br />
women too many man are few in ratio and especially good nature people, ok.<br />
I am married 4 young childs but still i am lonely or alone in myself, its better to be alone than with an unromantic partner? where with we goes all life with constant pain?

I know exactly how you feel. Im in exactly the same boat. Been played big time, been the rebound i can't count how many times. Some just up and leave with no explanation. And i have no idea what i am doing wrong. just like you. Makes me feel a little better that i'm talking to people going through the same loneliness our happily coupled friends will never be able to understand.

Thanks Verninator. It's nice to hear from someone in the the same boat. I appreciate the feedback. Yes, I have tons of friends that have significant others. They are awesome friends but just don't get it. I'm back to just not looking and am enjoying life. It could always be worse. I know people in extremely unhappy marriages/relationships. I would prefer to wait for a healthy relationship than just settle. Thanks again :)

I would also be in something that I feel is true love than be with someone just so i dont have to be alone. My sister in law says i'm too picky. Well then I'll rather be alone than end up with someone that I'm not attracted to. That to me is desperate and I might be lonely but i'm far from desperate. Good luck :) I hope you find your night in shining armour :) Take care, L.

Right,but pain of lonely is in great, why not try a interracial date,marriage?<br />
Life goes on we knows, never give up, try try more. might you get some one nice, wish you best, be optimistic what so ever, in other case you shall hurt just yours self.

I agree basy. I'm staying positive. Well okay, I have good days and bad days but or the most part just enjoy life and try not to worry about it. Have a great day! :)