In 37 Years............. Twice Now.....

~ The first time I fell in love, well, it was unrequited. He was a sweetheart of a guy. I loved him with all the pent up emotion of a depressed 17 yr. old. He was all I wanted..... But to him, I was but a friend. So I decided to be happy with that & taught my heart to let him go. I still think of him often & wonder how he's doing. The last I heard he was getting married. I pray he's happy......... ~

~ The second time was with ex. I had loved him since I was 20. I believed he was my soulmate. I believed that he was the man I was suppose to live the rest of my life with. Turns out, I was dead wrong. It only took me 17 yrs to figure it out. He only loved me for 3 of them...... He definitely got the better end of that relationship stick, but I can let go with a smile. I wish him nothing but happiness & hope he finds everything he needs in Toronto. We're done, but there will always be a bit of him inside my heart. Always. ~

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1 Response Apr 30, 2009

awww just think you are still going to meet your soulmate its exciting!! thats how i have learned to look at it as an adventure and learning experiance. hugs your way!!!