Upset Feeling

today i decided to share my story with other people because i feel so bad,well,i really want to say that i am unlucky person especialy in love,regarding to my experiences ,last 3 years i found someone who i love so much and sameto him us i think even i describe how much i love him i cant find all words to do that,i really love him but the problem we are living in diffrent countries so meet from time to time,during our relation we had never had problems,but lat night i discover that he doesnot trust me because i did send him sms but he thought that the sms is not to him,the problem there is no sign that mean that and he thinks that i am a relation with other man.what is hurts me that i dont know why he thinks that he knows that a honest women and not the kind that can make many relations i cant even think about that ,he really makes me disapointed with his thinking.
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1 Response May 24, 2012

It must be realy hard! :(