I am a full time/ semi professional dirt bike racer. This makes for an almost every weekend away from home thing, and during the week I am very committed to a strenuous fitness program to help me excel my career in racing. So this means that i changes to a small private school that allows me to have flexible school hours. I am very fit and rather good looking but haven't had a girlfriend since i was 15. All 3 of the girls that i have dated broke up with me for lacking the time to spend with then, when i was with them i would rather spend a good amount of quality with them twice a month than a cheesy 20min date. I have kind of given up on looking for a girlfriend about a year ago and just trust that the right girl that would understand and respect my time commitment problem would cross my path. I feel that i am unnecessarily lonely because i am a very nice and affectionate guys and i don't just want a girlfriend so that i can jump into her pants, which i think is a rather good quality for a 17 year old guy?
BrendanSwanberg BrendanSwanberg
18-21, M
Aug 24, 2014