It's The Only Thing That I Understand

Anything small will set me off now. i am always depressed i guess from what people say and i don't want to so anything anymore. i don't even want to move or write or read or sleep...i don't know what to do.
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There tends to be a growing up that happens after your younger teenage years, that leads to older teens becoming depressed. I guess I like to think that it's somewhat related to losing that childhood innocence that you once had. usually most of us who grow up in the suburbs, live a relatively happy life as our needs are usually met, and we even usually have toys and maybe a friend to play with. <br />
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However we start to grow up and things turn from magical and playful and easy, and they become empty and dull and lifeless. <br />
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It's not easy, but it takes somewhat of a mental fortitude to get through depression. Try to figure out how to believe that depressing thoughts just end up making you feel bad, when your still a very young person and you want to be feeling good whenever you can be.<br />
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Try and create some love in your life for yourself. Try and have any friend you have help you do this, try and be productive in some way so that you can be proud of what you have done, even if your productivity is nothing more than aquiring a pile of pillows on your bed so that you can be comfortable whilst you do nothing all day. <br />
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If you want, I would like to talk more about what in particular might be making you so sad. I really like your avatar picture. Music has the ability to evoke the greatest emotions inside yourself, those sounds can really help you feel and cope with your emotions. Write poetry about how you feel. Even if it begins as just crap that you don't even like, practice writing, in time you'll become better at it and you'll like doing it. I did that for a while, I was able to make some rhyming sentences and had a tune for them in my head, they made me feel strong emotions and I felt less depressed because of it.